The main prize of the war — the modified mind the underdog

The main "prize" of war - changed the mentality of the underdogIn modern warfare, it is not so much the object actually armed or financial components of the country as its national values, because only they are doing civilization and the government for what they have in the history of the world population, changing them is the main task of the war.

The main "winning" the war is not so much the expansion of geopolitical and economic resources of the field as a complementary extension (friendly) range of values favorite, because it is only the mutual complementarity of Nations (in other words, a friendly comparable value bases of their existence) provides a suitable internal and external environment of international ( win) and coexistence is the best guarantee of mutual aggression, which in turn improves the chances of survival of civilization on the historical, and in the case of working — aggravates them.

In other words, the main "prize" of the war — is forcibly modified it state mind the underdog. If it does not, then there is defeated civilization do not give up, then the initial and obvious success of the favorite (apparent victory) is always so historical time and unsteady, the answer is (a rematch loser) is inevitable.

This means that war for the change of state values (in this case, if the goals of the war are achieved by forcible configuration state values) always ends with the final (historical) defeat of the aggressor, the initiator of the war, and this is one of the laws of war.

So Makarov, modern war, regardless of its size and status of the parties is determined by a set of very clear criteria.

In 1-x, the presence of Objectives, achievement which should lead to the newcomer level and the status of one of the sides of the war.

In 2-x, having a back side of the enemy warfare.

B-3, violence as a means of objective merits of the war.

B-4, the organization of violence to guarantee the achievement of the objectives of the war.

C-5's, mobilization, concentration of resources to merit victory in the war.

Sixth, the conduct of war.

In-Seventh, victory or defeat in the war of one of its sides.

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