The main risk in the world can become terrorists single

The main threat to the world can be a single terroristWhile the Norwegian police interrogated by Anders Behring Breivik, the offender, which surrendered to authorities, realizing that surrounded and at least some resistance worthless, international media are trying to find an answer to the question "Why?". How can you explain that after the explosions in the capital, security forces were completely unprepared for the second and more than a terrible act of the disaster that led to the death of 76 innocent people?

Many experts are convinced that Europe faced a very new and very unsafe phenomenon, so when the scale is not acting zabugornye grouping or the same Islamist organization, but "its own homegrown" suicide loner. Of course, that both the Norwegians and other Europeans now have to change their stereotypes about the real terrorist threat, as well as to who it is. Indeed, the current disaster in Norway has no precedent: such stories have occurred in the past.

The terrible attacks in Norway inhumanely killed a sense of security and peace of mind that is common in this Scandinavian country. Anders Breivik was able to plunge into the real shock is not only their own government, and the rest of the world. His ruthless act he urged people to think of all adekvatnomyslyaschih that now terrorism is not purely the prerogative of Islamic radicals and extremist groups. Until recently, the Norwegian intelligence agencies believed that the implementation of the terrorist attacks in the capital involving members of the Islamic fundamentalists. When the bombings, a terrorist group "Ansar al-Jihad al-Alami" hastily announced that the responsibility for their actions lies with its representatives. But representatives of the Norwegian police force and special forces were caught by surprise sudden attack of Breyvigom at a youth camp, located on the peninsula of Utøya.

Official dealer Norwegian police said subsequent Ansteyn Gengedal: "At this point, all the evidence points to the fact that Breyvig acted alone, the other disk imaging, indicating the presence of accomplices, we have not. Naturally, we are continuing the investigation, examines the people who cause the minute suspicion. now have on the control of several addresses for tenants which we conduct constant surveillance. All incoming new information we simultaneously connect to those that are already available. But at the moment we actually have no doubt in the fact that there was one Breyvig " .

Anders Behring Breyvig almost 20 years had the idea of "revolution" that would have shocked the Western world and that really marked the beginning of the modern era, in which there is no place "Marxists" and "Islamists". At first glance, Breyviga with its incomprehensible theories of public device is not real name is quite sane. Together with those individual terrorists, which the Western media has been called a fundamentalist Christian, making his cold-blooded and calculated crime. Unlike other criminals with mental disorders, which usually ends with a murder after a 10-s man Anders Breyvig did not want to breathe. At the right moment he dropped his gun on the ground, showing that surrenders to authorities. Recall that at the current moment in Norway there is no imposition of the death penalty, and the greatest term of imprisonment is 21 years.

The term "homegrown terrorism" first appeared four years after the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center in New York September 11, 2001. He began to use quite extensively after the 7 July 2005 bombings in the British underground. Then, more than 700 people were injured to varying severity, and 56 man died. The attacks carried out Muslims living in Britain, and not come into the country from abroad. Feature of "homegrown terrorism" is that its main ideologues and militants performers — no strangers to the state, and local residents, well integrated into society.

It must be admitted that the single more insecure: they, like serial killers, maniacs, it is difficult to calculate. More recognizable example — the Ted Kaczynski, the inhabitant of the United States, which became known as the Unabomber resounding nickname. In the period from 1978 to 1995, a graduate of the Harvard Institute sent by ordinary mail to the infernal machines 16, addressees of parcels were South American airlines and institutions. As a result, shares a similar three people died and more than 2-10-s of innocent people were injured. Later, Ted Kaczynski has prepared its manifesto and claimed to be let out in the press. He tried to explain that with the explosion wished to draw attention to the process of the loss of human freedom, and the main culprit of this pointed modern technology. In a certain extent, Anders Breivik followed in the footsteps of the Unabomber because the Norwegian manifesto that was posted on the Web, repeats unchanged chunks of text Ted Kaczynski.

The current extremism has no profession and nationality, and the Europeans will have to give an adequate response to the new challenge. At this point in the same victim Norway, as well as Sweden and Denmark, of course, will be observed similar trends in the occurrence of thugs. These terrorists are living in their own state, and there can not assist any closures of the castle or the sample to combat terrorist organizations in the same Afghanistan or the physical elimination of terrorist minions in areas of Somalia, Pakistan, Yemen or Palestine.

Norway is one of the most active participants in the NATO operation to combat terrorism in the world, but a similar struggle is not able to provide internal security. Terrorist attack in Norway, of which Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg said as the most Straseni crime since the end of the second World War, gives food for thought about the vulnerability of international civilized society and its democratic Myagenko laws before the real danger of terror. The authorities and law enforcement agencies of the country almost slept through mortal danger, believing that the danger to Norway comes purely from Islamic fundamentalists.

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