The main strike force

Main striking force

Deputy Defense Minister Gen. Dmitry Bulgakov:
— It took 65 years from the day or the adoption of the Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR on the establishment of the yearly prazdnichka — day or tanker. 65 years — it is an era, an era in the illustrious history of our country and its Armed Forces.
Is enormous contribution warrior tank into a sublime victory in 1945. Their exploits golden characters inscribed in the annals of our army. His unprecedented courage and mass heroism they earned undying fame in the fields of battles with enemies of the Fatherland and the oppressors of the peoples of Europe. Feats of arms warrior tank, tank builders dedicated work were appreciated by our homeland. During the years of war majestically Russian tankers and 250 thousand more than 9 thousand tank designers were awarded orders and medals. 104 tanker was awarded the Order of Glory of three, 1,142 were awarded the title of Hero of the Russian Union, 16 of them — twice. Many industry executives and designers Tank was awarded the title of Hero of Socialist Labor.
At the end of the second world war the mighty Russian conclusions were made about the leading role and the place of tanks in battle, their massive use in the critical areas, the need for the production of 10-s of thousands of tanks and armored divisions preservation, tank corps and tank armies as the main shock Army forces.

But with the emergence of new high-precision weapons and anti-tank weapons experts at some believe that the tanks — a tool of "cave century", that they have outlived their own age and because of the low survivability they have no place in the modern fields of contractions. As proof of loss are huge tanks of high-precision weapons in local wars of the last decades of the last century. It was picked up simultaneously by the media disk imaging, which has 30 years 'bury' tanks.
Yet the proportion of tank formations Army major countries in the world has remained almost without changes. Even more than that, more and more of combined arms formations armies of the major industrialized countries actually becomes armored.
With all of this will only due to scientific advances in the field of electronics and its new elements, new information technologies, through deep modernization dramatically improve the reliability and combat effectiveness of the existing fleet of combat vehicles and proceed to the development of the latest generation of tanks.
I can assure you that for the coming 15-20 years candidacy tanks there. Now they are the only weapons that can save their combat performance on the battlefield in the criteria for the introduction of the enemy at least some types of weapons of mass destruction.
Armed conflicts and local wars can objectively see the place and role of tanks in modern conditions and in the future.
In recent decades, no war did not pass without the mass adoption of tanks.
The Arab-Israeli war 1973 — 7,000 tanks on both sides.
Persian Gulf in the 2-NATO and Iraq wars — over 10,000 armored vehicles in total were on both sides.
"Desert Storm" — 1991. The command of the multinational forces focused in equity strike groups more than 5,000 new tanks. This is even greater than it was in the attack on the Russian alliance with Nazi Germany, which took part in the invasion of grouping about 4,700 tanks and self-propelled guns.
I am confident that these criteria today's generation of soldiers tankers will be worthy to continue the glorious traditions of their own fathers and grandfathers.
Contribution of workers is enormous rear services that ensure reliable operation of military vehicles. Precisely because of their Russian tanks can be used in all criteria, without losing their own fighting abilities.
For decades, our tanks were rightfully among the best in the world, and in this great reward scientists, engineers and tank builders.
No hesitation, the makers of armored vehicles will continue to hold the highest level of the Russian tank building and in the new XXI century will retain the status of our country, a member of the elite of the world tank.
On the eve of the 65th anniversary of the day or tanker to congratulate the personnel of the tank troops, veterans tankers, designers, testers armored vehicles and tank builders with the auspicious occasion. I wish all the personnel, veterans and tank troops industry health, happiness and well-being, new success in the fertile activity to strengthen the defense of the Russian Federation!

Head Head Armored Directorate of the Ministry of Defence Maj. Gen. Alexander Shevchenko:
— Base armored vehicles — tanks. Modern tank — is a fighting machine that protects the crew from the effects of all types of guns, has a massive weapons capable of hitting all targets on the battlefield, to conduct a sure fire while driving with the highest speeds, without the help of others to overcome water obstacles, allows you to monitor the fire of not only in the afternoon, and the NIGHT MODE.
At present, the main battle tank panzer divisions Russian Federation — the T-90A. It was developed in the mid 90-ies of the XX century and represents a thorough modernization of Russian main battle tank T-72B. In addition, there are armed with tanks T-80 series of recent modifications.
Russian tanks third generation differ significant increase in the level of protection through the introduction of active protection, and anti-anti-tank weapons.
Source of manpower armored forces of the Russian Federation are the schools, which prepares highly qualified experts at who serve to protect their own country, to solve important military and peace-keeping tasks.
Deserve special respect merits Russian engineering companies and companies in the industry, which during the war and post-war period have done and continue to develop the standards of armored vehicles that meet the best international standards.
The contribution of workers armored repair plants. The main task of repair companies now is to organize a serious troop and repair of armored vehicles. They work with the new technologies while maintaining the highest technical condition battle art.
I wish the soldiers tankers great achievements in improving combat skills, workers of science and defense sectors of the industry — success in work and improving the properties of the produced armaments and military equipment, armored forces veterans — good health and success in the education of young people in a spirit of loyalty to their own people and the Fatherland!

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