The main thing — do not play (Polosa, Israel)

"It's their skinny devils bermutyat water in the pond." Vladimir Vysotsky

Indeed, some unidentified "devils" "bermutyat" water at our borders. Not quiet in Egypt, the southern border has to be peaceful, have complete new divisions to protect it. Yes, and in the north is not sweeter in Syria bloodshed, and that, ultimately, lead to the Islamists and the government there. Assad was not bad or bad, but on the border with Syria was peace. And so called "Arab Spring" we do not mind added, began to take shape the contours of a new caliphate. Peace did not even dream more dreams about the war.

The IDF is preparing, not so long ago, our sailors took in Germany newest submarine, the Foreign Ministry is working on foreign policy and support for unions, particularly fascinating gas — with Cyprus and Greece. All true, but I can not believe in the spontaneous will of the previously voiceless Muslim masses, suddenly rocked in the fight for freedom. Here and there sits the puppeteers that this muddy water is very necessary.

The main thing - do not play ("Polosa", Israel)
Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani

Russian media on the role of puppeteers usually put forward the U.S., which, in their opinion, seek to "democratize" all around, but the reason is quite good for Russian domestic consumption, really well in the U.S. from all these events of strongest pain in the head and a pretty huge additional costs. In 2013 the U.S. military budget, the money included 680 million dollars for the purchase of additional batteries IDF missile complex "metal dome." In addition, the U.S. House of Representatives overwhelmingly passed a law according to which the United States is obligated, vpribavok to expand military cooperation with Israel, to provide the military an advantage Jewish state in the Middle East. With all this Obama also has to maneuver to maintain its position in the Muslim world, ensuring that the military advantages of Israel, of course over them, look and feel can not.

To muddy the waters, so much so, that swayed North Africa and the Middle East with Iran and Turkey, concrete terms: it is the presence of significant enthusiasm and significant financial capacity to fulfill these interests, provided, of course, the lack of control over their spending by presentable power. A long time to find the source of such abilities do not have — a large mass of available funds in the absence of control now only hydrocarbon-exporting countries, and the richest of them — Qatar.


Qatar — an absolute monarchy, which single-handedly controls the Emir Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani. Al Thani dynasty (its founder is Mohammed Bin Thani) ruled Qatar since 1850, the term is quite honorable. Area a little more than 11 thousand square meters. km. — Is approximately three times less Israel. People in this country 300 thousand people dead and 1.3 million — foreign workers and spices that do not have any rights.

Initially Midadi Arab tribes who came to Qatar from South Arabia, fished, hunted pearls are grown figs and with great enthusiasm, engaged in piracy — took place near the sea trade routes which delivered silk, fabrics and spices to Europe.

First, the 20th century the population was supplemented so referred to as "the Iranian Arabs" who had fled from the persecution of the Persians. They brought in Qatar Shiism, which on this day professes about 10% of Qatari Muslim world and about themselves as a "fifth column". This is especially evident during the oppression of Shiite unrest in Bahrain, where "the Iranian Arabs" did not support the government's actions, and even that was hard to imagine in Qatar, conducted several strike actions. The fact that Qatar is not only there are no democratic institutions and political parties, and trade unions are prohibited by law. That's why strike action for Qatar is something especially new.

Before the era of hydrocarbons Qataris mercilessly misery. Began in the 50's commercial production of oil in the main, profitable only "British Petroleum." The situation began to change in late 1971 with the independence and the nationalization of oil production. Then ruling Emir Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani, has gone the way of other Gulf monarchies — was to spend all their income, and state administration entrusted own offspring — Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani, but did not realize that Hamad to the development of the country looked different. In 1995, he called my father in Switzerland, and said that he was no longer the Emir. The new Emir Hamad was supporter of Qatar's economy, investment in profitable assets zabugornye, well and generally was unusually formed for the Qatari elite. In 1971, he graduated from the royal military academy Sandhurst (England), and was responsible for developing the country's economy, and the experience acquired in this field.

Now the economic characteristics of the country is very exciting: the growth rate of GDP (16% per year) brought Qatar as a regional favorites, and the volume of GDP per capita (almost 90 thousand dollars), the highest in the world. Qatar, the third country in the world in terms of natural gas (more than 900 trillion. Cubic meters), is capable of without the help of others to deliver liquefied natural gas to any point of the planet. Now the fleet of Qatar on the transport of liquefied natural gas — the largest in the world.

Emir Hamad took the global crisis, as a nice opportunity to get. As a result, Qatar has become the owner of the processing plants in China, the prestigious houses of France and soccer teams in Spain.

Of strongest recollection on him made the fate of Kuwait, Saddam has interested their resources. Emir Hamad was aware that Qatar's resources not less, and more militarily strong countries around for a long time to find not need.

Then, for a start, he built for the U.S. al-Udeid air base (the largest among all zabugornyh U.S. Air Force bases, with four thousand troops), investing in the construction of billions of dollars, but somehow hesitated to South American security umbrella. Namely, it is unlikely you can count on the U.S. for protection from Saudi Arabia, where dense friendly hug, mutual love, sealed with petrodollars. When there is a strong army, as in Iran or Egypt, there is no spiritual shield, such as Mecca and Medina, neither holiness dynasty in Jordan, we have to find its own way to protect themselves and their wealth. And the Emir found him.

Diplomatic shield and sword information

The basis of his policies were "a diplomatic shield" and "sword of the information."

By creating a "diplomatic shield", the Emir Hamad was able to build a business working with all the countries and forces Near East. In 1996, he was invited to the country of Israel's trade goal and diplomatic tact showed even in relations with Iran, which other monarchies of the region can not tolerate. Senator John Kerry lamented that "Qatar can not be our ally in the Sun and send funds militants" Hamas "on Tuesday," but the policy of "cooperation with all the" doing of the Emir of good mediator, who was able to reconcile the necessary parties at the appropriate time. "We are not taking sides in the conflict, because favorites and require us to mediate in them", — explained the diplomatic successes of Emir Hamad.

As an "informatio
n sword" was made complete control over the information space Near East. To do this, the emir has the following year after coming to power, self-founded "Al-Jazeera" — an international television channel whose main feature, thanks to the huge cash injections and experience of professionals hired by the British, was a combination of news in Arabic with Western standards of journalism. "Al-Jazeera" — the first Arabic channel, which began to examine conflicts with the positions of both sides. Channel to air the full range of Middle Eastern opposition forces — both secular and religious. The word here even allowed the representatives of Israel, which is especially for the Islamic channel.

And, as we called the shield (diplomatic) and the blade (information), it's time to talk about the interests.

Enthusiasm — the driving force behind the stately

"The interest — that's the driving force behind the stately, the only one that leads in the right direction and away." Daniel Pennak

The "Arab Spring" has brought to Qatar dividends more than the U.S., France and Britain jointly taken. Doha could reduce or negate the general, the role players such as Libya, Egypt and Syria. Now Qatar and Saudi Arabia are the mainspring of the Arab League initiative, but the Saudis do not possess the financial ability of Qatar.

But just do not make money the weather, they can only bring benefits Short-term and loyalty, let's take a closer look closely at interest.

The enthusiasm of the first, "piled" Gaddafi, Doha won a very important round in their own struggle for Africa, with the region is very exciting as its resources, and variations of logistics. Removed from the road's main rival on the continent, which have sufficient skills in order to "feed" the half of the African states. Coupled with Gaddafi gone in the past its main tool of influence in the face of numerous funds and banks, in place of which at the same time come Qataris. As a consequence, we should expect a sharp "Islamization" of the continent and impact of Qatar in the African Union, who live in Qatar Gaddafi did not actually have a chance to realize and break into the leading position.

Such was the enthusiasm and the same to the Egyptian "Spring" — means and were doing their job. Ultimately Qatar got rid of the 2-most unsafe currently rivals on the African continent and is now ready to economic expansion.

"Strong come because they want, and the frail suffer because both have." Thucydides

The enthusiasm of the second: — it's a great game in the global gas market, where the interests of exporters. In the event of a regime in Syria, the region will be included in the global game of laying other gas pipelines, a possible route will pass through areas of Syria and will make harsh konkurentnst projects such as the "South Stream", "Nabucco", etc. A project itself better to do , paving the pipeline is a friendly country (and better — controlled) countries. So this is the game for a lot of money, and this is for Doha — sacred.

Syria not only master the problem, and the solution of several problems at once. First — the removal depending on the situation around the Strait of Hormuz. The global economy, in the event of military action against Iran and stop navigation on the Strait of Hormuz, and of the economy of Qatar and Saudi Arabia, will receive a powerful blow, and Qatar will simply fall. That is why a new corridor through Syria becomes true fundamental value, but needs a friendly regime, not a regional ally of the enemy — Iran. If this problem is solved, then through Syria on the coast of the Mediterranean will be held oil and gas pipelines. That's just the Assad regime is on this "road to happiness."

As for the implementation of these interests are working Qatari funds — it's completely understandable, not so long ago, Qatar has bought for himself Hamas, which could put a spoke in the wheel in Syria. Iran did not pay, and the emir of Mashaal made a proposal, which eventually moved all of the Hamas political bureau in Doha, and Haniyeh in Cairo mosque, said: I salute the heroic Syrian people, who are fighting for freedom, democracy and reform. " Here's how it works.

And "Al-Jazeera? This is how it works?

Qatar has managed to collect a very professional team that made the "Al Jazeera" the main channel of impact on the minds of the Arabs. It is no exaggeration to say that without the "Al-Jazeera" revolutions in Egypt, Tunisia, Libya and the rebellion in Syria is likely not have occurred. This is shown more clearly by the example of Libya. At first, "Al-Jazeera" without annoying filed exaggerated information about clashes in eastern Libya, and then based on this disk imaging LAS perceives resolution against Gaddafi. Mubarak could make an objection, but he was already arrested. At Gaddafi left hopes for Arab support, and of Our homeland and China do not want to delve into these vnutriarabskie case.

Now Syria emirate sponsoring rebels by supplying weapons and fighters for the Free Syrian Army, and Al Jazeera makes this a suitable background. Continuous stories about atrocities Assad doing their job. Murder, pillage, persecution of Christians by the rebels on the channel to be seen.

The main thing — do not play

Although some conman thief banks or cash organizer of the pyramids should change the style of work, and that it will catch very quickly. Qatar to change the style of work can not, and therefore his actions were annoying "partners." "Al-Jazeera" on this day has lost the status of impartial tele — New York Daily News calls it "the Arab advocacy organization that is controlled by the Qatari regime and medieval disguised as media company." In addition, the emir was faced with a very cold attitude to discover the part of the usual favorites of the Arab world, and, at first, Saudi Arabia, which seriously deteriorated case. Riyadh is not satisfied with the predominance of Qatar in Lebanon, and in-2, and the Saudis are afraid of the "Arab Spring", fearing completely reasonable, of "Al-Jazeera".

Well, Western politicians finally figured out how Qatar swept them around your finger in North Africa. There would have to click on Qatar for bad behavior, but the military base! — How to do without them now.

Up to the Emir suddenly rang. In April, the Emir's guards tried to grab the Emir's palace. The situation was rescued only part of the South American special forces transferred from the area of al-Udeid base. Now carried by, but not helped Emir troops and the Americans. In the "Iranian footprint" of the coup attempt hard to believe, what to do, the emir must closely look around.

What's Hecuba to us?

Of course, that is created around Israel "Caliphate" peace and tranquility we can not be held, but, as in the question of unification of Fatah and Hamas, the inner struggle in him gaining a greater intensity. Completely clear that this inevitably reduces the ability of the participants.

At the time, Russian scientist Oleg Arin has defined the term "center of power". In his view, the "center of power — a subject who is in a position to determine the activities of other actors or actors of international relations in accordance with its national interests." In the Middle East to such centers of power, we usually include Egypt (which is already in the past), Turkey, Iran, Saudi Arabia. But now need to pay attention to the most severe and the small Qatar. Doha plays its game in Yemen, Palestine, Syria a
nd Africa. Painfully successfully "bermutyat water" … began to play.

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