The main thing — to be able to win the battle

The main thing - to be able to win the battle

The changes in the military are not limited orgshtatnymi activities

The process of making a new kind of Armed Forces of the Russian Federation is associated not only with changes nominally-job structure and the transition from the Russian army regimental organization to a brigade, and with the updating of the legislative, regulatory and legal framework, orders and directives that define the daily activities of military units . What changes have occurred? What new methods and divine guidance? On this edition of "military-industrial complex" has asked to tell the chief of the Head of the Combat Training and Service of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.

For the near future in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, as you know, there have been profound structural changes. The transition to an annual service life. With configurations disposition of the armed struggle in the practice of troops (forces) had been introduced promising a system of forms and methods of implementation of the Russian Armed Forces for the period 2011-2020. It creates a more efficient three-tier system of management. Rolled out extensive work on the re-formations and units with new types of weapons and military equipment.

WHO IS TOMORROW rise in the ranks?

But all this is just the tip of the iceberg. Configuration will inevitably entail a severe transformation at all levels of the Army of the body, including the organization of training of personnel, since one of the main objectives of the reform of the Armed Forces — the steady increase in the properties of the training. This process is now planned to hold a tight fit with the assistance of other law enforcement agencies and focusing on the best practices of the armed forces of other countries.

But to implement the tasks required to perform this range of activities. For example, to revise approaches to training people Russian Federation for military service and process guidelines. Also introduced into troops new teaching methods and improve the system commander training of officers and sergeants. And yet, in the criteria for transition to military service by conscription to 12 months, I think, on the first plan goes preparatory (pre-conscription) training youth.

At the current time in educational institutions DOSAAF training men of military age is more than 40 military occupational specialties. Volumes increased in comparison with 2007, with a two-fold redundant — more than 160 thousand people a year. But the quality is, unfortunately, to the nearest time remains very low. Thus, the experts at MTLB and armored personnel carriers, past training in DOSAAF did not have a sufficient level of training and Prof. sought additional training specifically in military units in purpose to the post. No intrigued and young people themselves.

For the system to work well, it is necessary to clarify the list of specialties, which DOSAAF based on existing training facilities are guaranteed to be able to produce trained professionals who are able to begin to fulfill their own obligations in the military service without additional training.

In order to increase intrigued by the young people in the development of military specialties that have no civilian focus, worked out well as the question of acquisition of the second (plain) specialty. Great attention is paid to the conditions of life. And for training in specialties related to service sophisticated electronic equipment — address the call of people who have a specialty, a similar military accounting (radio engineering, instrumentation, etc.), referral to training in training military units.


But the pre-conscription training — only one side of the coin. It is already clear: without modern ideology of military training and targeted implementation in the process of learning new techniques and impossible any configuration changes.

In the past year, and during this period of the year in the Armed Forces of the processed more than 60 basic guidelines (statutory) documents. To name only some.

First made and introduced new programs from military training in what are defined as general or special directions of co-education. As a result — the same for all stages of teamwork training of troops, which are processed together the forms and methods of training (group exercises and tactical flying detachment, command-staff and tactical exercises, conferences, etc.), allows the deadline to prepare units and connections for action different criteria in the combat situation. These applets are flexible and allow commanders ample opportunities to work with employees regardless of their level of training.

There was also the new Manual for combat training in the Armed Forces for tactical level. It classifies the approaches to teaching, specifies duties of officers of compounds (military units) to manage and combat training to meet modern standards. It reveals in more detail the role of non-commissioned officers in the training fighter (sailors) to reflect the increase of their importance in reforming the army, especially the organization and conduct of the exercise away from places of constant dislocation and international exercises, and issues a comprehensive security training.

On this day ends revision of the Manual on mountain training in the Armed Forces, the project of new military regulations.

With the transition of the Armed Forces to a new kind of a steady practice of cooperation with sports federations. More vividly in the preparation of rock units with the assistance of the Mountaineering Federation of the Russian Federation and in the training of effective shooting from small tools with the involvement of representatives of the Federation of practical shooting.

Based on the methods of teaching high shooting sports all-Russian public organization "Federation of practical shooting", as a positive experience, the accumulation in matters of fire training units for specific purposes the Defense Ministry, Interior Ministry and Federal Security Service, the methods of training practical shooting, which allows a rather short time to prepare military personnel management close fire fight in the criteria of mountains and forests, urban sprawl and limited visibility.

Developed new model and organization of physical fitness, which is a distinctive feature — applied orientation and the development of mass sports. Under the new guidelines take into account peculiarities of the military training or other specialty. A course for the highest intensification of activities and the frequency of their conduct. Physical training in the unit are now carried out 4-5 hours a day. In routine day or foreseen and time to relax in the afternoon. There was a brand new sports uniforms, earned section. Each soldier now has an opportunity to further engage elected sport. You can place that in the coming future implementation of the planned model will allow the troops to raise the level of physical fitness and good health care personnel. And the main thing — to solve the main task: to increase the combat effectiveness of the Armed Forces.

Taking into account the experience of 2009 and those tasks that were set in the 2010 academic year, zanogo came to planning and combat training: more attention is paid to the conditions of an environment of units and formations, like solving training and combat tasks. Specific dates for the main events are determined by the commanders of military districts (fleets). This app
roach provides good-quality training within the compound (military unit) for certain periods.

In the 2009 academic year has already been tested some of these innovations. Thus, at the operational and strategic exercise of mandatory condition was the attainment of a new location. This allowed the troops to operate on a single plan, abandon the stream of costly tactical exercise on more than one occasion run-landfills. And for commanders who did not take part in large-scale events, organize ostentatious tactical exercises (in the Army — brigadier, in the Airborne — regiment, in the coastal forces of the Navy — a battalion). Battalion tactical exercises with the march of up to 200 km were also in the military area.

However, the main emphasis is made on the coordination of units. For example, the battalions were preparing to be self tactical units. All this allowed to maintain combat readiness of troops (forces) at the level providing guaranteed performance of tasks in the transition to the new criteria for the organizational structure and system of basing troops (forces). Also, to save money.


Naturally, the tasks set by the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces — President of the Russian Federation, to create a small, mobile armed forces require the training of officers the latest information. Commanders who think extraordinary, must be able to accept non-standard solutions and to teach their own subordinates to act unconventionally, with the highest mobility. In the future, this erudite master, confidently holding sverhtehnologichny modern means of armed struggle: the defeat, reconnaissance, navigation and control. In this regard, during the 2010 school year will be revised approaches to the commander training. It will take place not only in the parts, and at the training camp in the universities of the Ministry of Defence, in the form of practical grandstanding, instructor, teaching and supervision sessions fees for specialty competitions on field training at the tactical and operational-strategic exercise.

In this step, the proposed approach allows for centralized training officers of all ranks and their deputies. The event brought together a unified plan and are aimed at improving the skills and abilities in joint combat missions. They eliminate the gap of unit commanders of the personnel.

In connection with the abolition of the category of warrant officers on the first plan in preparation of units is a link of junior commanders. Previously, they were selected from among the recruits. Get more or less prepared sergeant was only possible at the end of the service. And its function had to assume junior officers (commanders of platoons, companies and even officers battalion level), immediately and training fighter and own sergeants.

Now armed forces started to establish an effective, outmoded systems of selection and training of junior officers who could guarantee to ensure the functioning of the new institute is excellent prof sergeants (foremen) able to teach and train a fighter to be their example and inspiration for imitation. The main thing — training sergeants who by his own professor level will be able to change the officer in combat and combat training missions.

For this purpose, being thoroughly to increase the attractiveness of the service NCO, which should be competitive in today's job market. To do this, for example, on the basis of 3 military academies — Airborne, Communications and cars formed in Ryazan training center sergeants. In addition, a number of universities for training sergeants made faculties of the average professor of education. A warrant reshaped existing school to school sergeants. In the district and inter-regional training centers, which are currently being involved in the preparation of junior professionals for the Armed Forces, are also cycles of training sergeants from recruits to posts squad (crew calculations). Provides for a postgraduate course. And so it will be up to full strength sergeant positions soldiers under the contract.

Development of the Armed Forces on the step of their transition to the ranks of the newcomer, changes in the requirements for the organization and the level of training of troops (forces) claimed classify and training facilities. After all, in the long term it should be serviced and maintained forces outside organization, the release from the military perform some of the functions of uncharacteristic.

The Defense Ministry of the Russian Federation within the framework of State of weapons programs from the 2011-2020 draft comprehensive motivated applets "Development of technical training for the training of troops (forces) of the educational process in higher educational institutions by 2020." Its implementation will allow to solve all the puzzles actually prepare the spices and the whole unit with a significant decrease in costs. Also produce training of tactical control simulation theater, actions of their own units and the enemy.

So Makar, the structural changes of the Armed Forces of the changing approaches to the organization of training and the system itself to ensure it. Constantly one — combat training is the main content of the daily activities of the military.

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