The main victory of de Gaulle

The main victory of de Gaulle Perhaps, the Charles de Gaulle — is one of the three figures in the history of France, together with Cardinal Richelieu and Napoleon, which should highlight. He dared to challenge the people who stood behind the U.S., so-called. "Financial International," because truly earns the title of "The Last majestic Frenchman."

A short history of the problem

In 1944, in order to put under the control of its own financial and economic sphere of European countries that are highly affected by the second world war, the so-called has been concluded The Bretton Woods agreement. It adopted a single currency standard. Because the economy of the United States of America at the time produced about half the world's GDP, the currency of 44 countries that have signed the agreement, have been aggressively tied to the South American dollars, and Bucks respectively, to gold at $ 35 an ounce (it is equal to 31.1 g). The situation is changed in the late 1960s. 20th century, when there was a story in the world, some resembling today's test a number of states to reduce their financial dependence on the "Financial International." For example, China is evenly oboestoronnih calculations crosses on the yuan and the currency of the country with which the transaction is made, tried to make a "gold dinar" for the African Union Gaddafi. Hugo Chavez nationalized Venezuela's gold industry, wants to bring the country's gold reserves from Western banks.

At the time of the call "financial International" threw the first president of the Fifth Republic — de Gaulle. Almost immediately, he was elected as president (1959-1969), he is in agreement with the Bretton Woods agreements, claimed by States to change 1500000000. dollars (and then the remaining Baksova reserves) to the real gold 35 U.S. dollars per ounce. In the spring of 1965 at the Port of New York embarked on a ship anchored French. Thus began the financial war against the United States de Gaulle. The vessel was not armed, but it holds were "weapons" with which the French general placed his hopes to win this fight, having received financial independence for France. The ship was brought to the United States on recycled paper Baksova 750 million in order to get their real asset — a precious metal, gold. It was only the first translation of the French, which presented for payment of the Federal reserve system (FRS) the USA.

After that plucked up courage, and other countries — want to change currency symbols in gold, Germany, Japan, Canada and other countries. Fort Knox, where the gold was kept in store U.S., eventually "lost" nearly doubled, and the gold standard fell. Suspended the loss of the Golden State President Richard Nixon, in 1971, he abolished the binding of a South American bank notes for gold. It should be noted that the "financial international" punish opposite a general — in May 1968 in France "began" mass social protests that eventually led to the resignation of de Gaulle. A November 9, 1970 "last stately Frenchman", which is also called "the gravedigger of the dollar," in a moment was lost.

In 1979, the price of gold has doubled — from 200 to 400 U.S. dollars, by the early 1980 headed for a record then 850 bucks (it is more than 2000 dollars in 2008 prices), then there was a gradual fall in the price "bloody metal." At the end of 1987, approximately $ 500 per ounce in 1999, the cost dropped to 260 bucks. Today's sharp rise in the price of gold and other real assets, many analysts attributed to the proximity of the newest World War II.

Why majestic Frenchman challenged the U.S. and their owners?

Charles de Gaulle was a real person, a man with a bukovkoy because for him dependence on the U.S. homeland, the NATO command was "bone in the throat." The French general than once claimed the right of all countries to do the French, "the mistress of their own policies and on their own initiative." Hence, the development of an independent nuclear utilities that are special cases with the Soviet Union. General, together with the Russian Union condemned the war in Vietnam, the actions of Israel in the Six-Day War in 1967. Output in February 1966 of the North Atlantic Alliance. The refusal to use the dollar in international payments. In his awareness of Europe was to become an independent power center in the world, and in his awareness of Europe England did not come.

And as a general reference, which will ensure the stability of the global monetary system, Gen. beheld gold. It was necessary to free the world from dependence Baksova. For example, February 4, 1965, he said: "It is difficult to discover, that could be a different model, not including gold." The statement was made to reporters on the classic briefing at the Elysee Palace of the French Republic. Gold, on the views of the general, "does not change the very nature ', this metal can be in bars, bars, coins, he has no nationality. Gold "has long been accepted and the world for its continuing value." De Gaulle was planning to return to the international system of exchange of the "golden rule". It was a sensation, the news spread around the world.

This was the official statement about the beginning of the monetary war, a war de Gaulle Baksova system hosts the Fed. General urged not to accept the order established after the second world war. For example, U.S. President Lyndon B. Johnson (1963 — 1969), received a telegram with the news, said: "The old man completely mad."

Charles de Gaulle once again planned to make France the majestic power, a voice that is respected. And do not go in the column entitled NATO, on the orders of "financial International." For this it was necessary to make France free Baksova system — this 'stranglehold', with which the U.S. established its rule on a large part of the planet (at the time). Development of the scheme recent global monetary system was developed by Anglo-American professionals in April 1943. 2nd Global war was in full swing. And for the U.S., it has become a profitable cash transaction: the government was the flow of gold from the states participating in the program Lend-Lease. For rental tools, strategic materials, machinery, food, the Soviet Union and Great Britain gave the gold. If in 1938, gold in store States was 13 tons (South American banks excellent "warmed up" to the First World War), in 1945 — already 17 thousand 700 tons, and in 1949 — 21 thousand 800 tons. These stores accounted for 70% of global gold supplies of the time (at least, recognizable). Because after the second World War, the United States could impose its own terms the Western world. For example, the UK and Australia is quite exhausted their supplies of gold in 1944. Only the Soviet Union retained the ability to pay, more reddish Empire was able to pay off the U.S. Lend-Lease only to the 70 th year (paid in gold.)

General de Gaulle had this important information. From a secret report of eminent economists Robert Triffith and Jacques Rueff, it was prepared in 1959, the French general had information and that it is enforced France's role in the so-called the Golden Pool (this is a special international organization, made the U.S. Federal Reserve and the 7th country Western Europe for joint operations on the English Gold Exchange) ruins the government. This system not only maintained for the benefit of the Fed's international price of gold at $ 35 an ounce, and
was trading this metal, reporting monthly to the financial authorities in the U.S. on its work. If you had to increase the amount of gold sold, the participants returned to the U.S. Gold Pool gold from its own reserves. If the Gold Pool was taking more gold than selling, the difference was divided in a discriminatory ratio: 50% withdrew the U.S. Federal Reserve, 50% — all other participants. She got it from Paris, only 9%. Economic experts have reported the general that monetary harm from the activities of the organization caused by the Europeans already exceeded 3 billion. bucks.

Of course, de Gaulle could not accept such discrimination homeland that legalized in 1944 at the Bretton Woods conference of the UN. Did not suit the French general and fatigued International Finance Fund (IMF), which was one hundred percent controlled by the U.S. Federal Reserve. He acted not only as a patriot of France, and as a patriot of the whole of Europe: "While Western countries are Old World in the leadership in the New World, Europe can not become a European …".

Paris, at an exchange rate of 1.1 grams of gold per dollar, for 750 million dollars received several hundred tons of gold. By the end of 1956 in Paris, from 5.5 billion. bucks there are only 800 million, the other was changed to gold. Diversion of Paris made a terrible precedent for the United States. Their Baksova system, base their domination of the planet has been shaken. For the French authorities tightened Germany, land of the rising sun, Japan. Finally, in 1971 there was a "Nixon shock" in the United States on August 15 South American president, speaking on television, said the complete abolition of the gold guarantee bucks. Ultimately emission dollar was performed on the basis of so-called. Money pyramid. Evenly planetka faced a new global economic and political crisis in the 20th century led to two world wars. We can say that de Gaulle made its own significant contribution to eliminate the hegemony of the South American project of world order.

At the current time strolling active speculation that the U.S. is ready to pass on the latest currency — the "Amero", but before that you need to lower the world in controlled chaos, so it was easier to turn away from their own responsibilities. An indirect indication that this is true, is the fact that Beijing vigorously "knocks" bucks while they are still listed as a world currency. Submits them to the development of the internal market, massive infrastructure projects inside the country, making finansovlozheniya in Africa, the Islamic world, Asia-Pacific, Latin America and even in Europe.

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