The Network: the secret game with humans

November 28, 2011 23:05

It is as much about the "heavenly" the Web, where humans are ready for action during the force majeure

This situation may seem fantastic, but, unfortunately or fortunately, I do not know how to write and think — purely narrative documentary. Only photos of the heroine will not be. There is some reason to fear for the consequences. Because the forces that she decided to tell a far more powerful than any earthly organization. Apparently, in the 80 years of the last century, the world's kind of special forces prepared to protect humans in the event of major natural disasters. Education passed in a virtual "heavenly" web …

 This amazing story — other epithet, and not pick up — mediocre began: with a letter to a young woman named Hope. The letter came in July 2004. Residence of Hope — an area near St. Petersburg. My correspondent, and in his letters, and then in person asked not to reveal her real name and the name of the city. Because the situation of more than 20 years, remains a deep mystery, and there is no evidence that it was already possible to tell. True, and the ban has been received. So indirectly, it can be assumed that a certain penalty on the story yet given.

It is as much about the "heavenly" the Web, where humans are ready for action during the force majeure. Education passed by the type of computer role-playing games, and mistakes were punished by a return to the top of the "game." "Failure" often accompanied by serious injuries or even "death" outcome, and this fatality then always has a bad effect on their physical health. We had to improve their actions to the full extent include the brain and try not to end up in a trap.

Her group had three teenage guy and she, the girl-grader. Led a group of a man of thirty, the usual appearance, dressed quite ordinary — jeans and a shirt, sometimes "turtleneck", but subconsciously they know that it is "strange", not an earthling. The name of the curator never said, and it could appear in any form, even a woman. However, their own appearance, too, could change depending on the content of the game, only the nickname remained constant. As is common among teenagers, they knew each other by nicknames — Sam, Harry, she — Nancy. But most importantly — students were many — perhaps millions … And there, on the web, were not only Russian, Nadia met many foreigners, which further prompted the professional study it in other languages.

-Sometimes, in moments of dark mood, I think we are potential bombs, waiting in the wings — says Hope during our meeting. — Although in reality, I did not know why we needed and why we teach. I do not know as well, when that "the hour of X". God grant that it never came.

However, the focus of game was not for them the great secret. Always it was the hardest natural or man-made disasters, and we had to save themselves, simultaneously organizing the salvation of others. Situations always dangerous, disastrous, and they were so real that of any, let's say, a "normal" dreams could be no question. It was real, but the other. Purposeful, entangled, but different, with no earth logic and thought process.

Education in the Network was launched in May 1986, when Nadia was 15, and takes place over one and a half years. The role of hope in their group — outreach: explanation, association, joint action, etc. But the one guy they trusted to work with technology, with unfamiliar technologies. He later became a very good programmer.

Under the hood OTHER

-Education was usually at night when I was asleep, — shared his knowledge Hope. — What a state of "twilight sleep-poluyav." Involved, apparently, only consciousness or my thin body, otherwise I would probably mother ever found out that I was not in bed. So, first there was a short descent on the tube — and you comes up in an unfamiliar place: city, forest, beach, building, street, and so on, sometimes not on Earth. The essence of the game: you have to look around and — survive! More precisely, to adapt to a new life and a new reality. It could be the era of medieval wars and episodes of World War II, an unknown planet, a city of the future, other countries. Playing on a single theme could continue for several weeks, and a month — depending on the complexity of the situation. I always knew I should be somewhere near my "support group." Each "player" a legend and a given target. The overall objective of the group: to identify each other in the surrounding chaos and create a common strategy.

Play was very interesting, I remember my companion. All the action took place in an hour and a half, but then she went all day under the impression, developing a plan of possible moves by sliding the head of the possible development scenarios. It was like the work of the writer working on the plot outline of a new work. When the "school" has ended (in August 1987, Nadia was 16), she experienced a prolonged stress. She did not seem to miss was the adrenaline. It was, for its recognition, the best, but in some ways and difficult years of life.

What were the topics of "games"? More often associated with wars, battles, escape from natural disasters. Sensation in the "game" was very realistic, so much so that it is reflected in the physical or emotional condition. Once Nadia 'killed' — their throats cut. But in reality, she had contracted mumps. Another time she injured his leg in the game, but in life leg ached so that it was released at the time of physical education. What is this? Why virtual events reflected on the physical level?

At the end of these "courses" to all the participants adjusted the memory. It is simply blocked, and his head is little left. At the very least, the memory of her partner stayed obryvchatoy games, episodes. Yes, and they eventually faded. Hope to avoid this fate, first, because she kept a diary of night exercises, second, and it was really a great memory. Girl dreams of literary career, so kept recording.

Hope says that constantly doubted the reality of the web. How real is this mysterious "school", intricate game, its partners and the curator? But when the training was over, they were told that they will meet in life — the way it happened. They met four of the entrance exams at the Leningrad Institute of Foreign Languages. With one of the members of this group, Valentine, Hope in the continuation of his life. Today it is a thriving department head at the famous Russian radio station. Yes, and other members of their team are not lost in life, make a good career. This fact suggests that the study groups were selected on the Web smart young people. And perhaps their time has come. Because world events unfold in a way that will save the people at some point in high demand action. Obviously, the memory is enrolled in the Network will be unlocked, and their skills will be useful in the chaos of extreme events.


One day I received an envelope from Hope with scenarios of virtual games. Here it was quite possible to assess the diversity and complexity of the tasks …

So, in what stories fell Four young earthlings …

"The Middle Ages" (here Hope indicates own game titles). Very nice game with knights and ancient castles. But also very cynical, she said.

"Mars." Rescue operations on the planet Mars. They had to keep survivor Martian nation and organize to eliminate the consequences of temporal catastrophe on the planet — that is associated with the time. The group was looking for survivors of the Martians and take them on spacecraft triangular type.

"Lucky charm." This situation also takes place not on Earth. The planet is similar, but not ours. Very cold climate, poisonous green snow. Their team worked in special suits, flew to "ease". Local residents — natives — stunted dwarfs rather primitive in its development. Hope to do something like anthropology, trying to make contacts with the public. Much mistaken.

"Consulate of the Earth." Another alien game: Dombey planet in the constellation Cetus. Remember the weather: the time noted by natural phenomena. For example, every day at the same time the rain. And said, "The Hour last straw" or "Hour of White Couple" or "Time Mist," and so on terrain — rocky, rocks, plants, small. Built squat, narrow windows …

"Tsunami". It was necessary to save the city during the flood. Great destruction, panic, helplessness before the elements. Terrible days and nights in the name of saving many lives. Then she was dying many times.

"Down the river of time." Historical game: England, rebellion "Roundheads" under Cromwell, the execution of King Charles … and almost all in English! Hope had to pretend to be deaf and dumb, that then was not so far from the truth.

"World War." Remember ipritovaya gas attack on the many kilometers of the front — it was a real nightmare!
"Invasion". Very interesting game: the organization of the underground to fight the alien invasion. Venue — London and surrounding area.

"Underwater Research". One of the most popular games. Some days are based on a floating at sea (big ship), and other days — in an underwater home or perhaps in a submarine. I remember a very warm atmosphere, some special mental attitude of the players. "It was one of my favorite games," — wrote Nadia.

In just a year and a half was 18 role-playing games. I understand that passing them from beginning to end, you can really gain that experience that ordinary our lives seem just plays in the sandbox. But why, for what purpose was trained a lot of people? And not at will, and forced and controlled from outside …

What will happen tomorrow?

Today, my investigation into the "heavenly" Network is almost complete. Yes, I agree, it is not complete, and I probably could not solve the many factors associated with learning in the country "heavenly college." But we learned something more important — with humans is unclear work, some of the people trained to a very definite action and are able to block the memory so that few people remember what. But most importantly — all of them do aliens or, say, inomiryane which we do not recognize as reality.

However, they seem to act on the planet, and the mention of Hope on the expected second wave of aliens in about 2009-2012, probably not without foundation. For a number of years, I'm following in the media and in personal correspondence points that can be said about studying the web of our compatriots. Despite blocking the memory of many participants, details and episodes of such training in the "celestial colleges" are detected. Moreover, I have a message from the Crimea, that such training is being done in our day, but this is not the events of 20 years ago. So, we are waiting for something? So, we are preparing for something?

After all, those who have visited the web, unwittingly waiting hours «X», where their knowledge may be needed.

Education passed by the type of computer role-playing games, and mistakes were punished by a return to the top of the "game"

For me personally communicate with Hope was a kind of test. Test of the strength of my materialistic principles. Well nowhere and we are not taught that the world is not like it is described in the thick textbooks. Never is multidimensional space and the presence of any other reason, a more developed and deeper than the human mind. I persistently sought confirmation of stories and diaries of Hope in our surrounding world. And, oddly enough, found and find them! But this is a subject of another story.

Frankly, such an investigation in my UFO practice was not. I could not help waiting for the continuation of this story. Maybe someone will remember something, someone more informed about the web — and the truth is clearly manifest from the fog of ignorance. How do I know? ..

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