The new sentences — the continuation of human trafficking

Today, a judge of the Leninsky District Court of Minsk Ludmila Grachev announced verdicts another group of participants in the events on Independence Square on December 19: the presidential candidates Nikolai Statkevich and Dmitri Usu — 6 and 5 and a half years in maximum security prison, respectively, Alexander Klaskouski — 5 years maximum security prison, Artem Gribkova — 4 years in prison, Alexander Kvyatkevichu — 3 and a half years in prison, Dmitri Bulanov — 3 years imprisonment, Andrew Poznyak — 2 years of imprisonment.

The new sentences were imposed following a statement by Alexander Lukashenko on the possible release of all political prisoners, so they are not "public money tranzhyryli in prison" and not "they've taken up the bread."

The leader of the United Civil Party and a former political prisoner in the case of events of December 19 Anatoly Lebedko new sentences to prison terms called the continuation of the political trafficking:

"Now there is a little tucked trafficking. Of course, if it were not for the "disease" and the judges decision is obtained if, as planned at the beginning, then Statkevich and Uss Klaskouski would get close to the maximum bar, which asked the prosecutor. Now, after this statement, a political solution to mitigate and went a little different from what the prosecutor asked for — it is a game. In any case, you need to point out that the sentences are politically meaningful. Where these people will be in a month or six months — now depends on the economic situation of solidarity within the country and on the hardness of Brussels and Washington. "

Of the same opinion — that continues negotiating political prisoners — held and convicted for participating in a protest on December 19, one the founders of the party "Belarusian Christian Democracy" Paul Seviarynets:

"By themselves, these sentences — a complete lawlessness. When considered in the context of applications Lukashenko that it is time to release all political prisoners, it is very reminiscent of trade. Said yesterday that trading starts today — put price tags on the people that are traded: it — 5.5 years, this 6 and so on. "

Lawyer and human rights activist Vladimir Labkovich called the new sentence continuation of political reprisals against opponents of the current government:

"We have received absolutely standard sentence political prisoners in the general context of political violence, which holds the current regime.

Does not lend itself to any analysis of what happened with Mr. mustache as sentence was just absolutely unprincipled and not based on anything.

Especially — in general does not give any analysis of what happened with Mr. mustache as sentence was just absolutely unprincipled and not based on anything, but the same can be said of all sentences. So while it can be seen that the state machine continues to political repression, and will continue to be a political bargaining, a line which was forced to announce yesterday Alexander Lukashenko. "

Chairman of the Party of the Belarusian Popular Front Yanukevich declares that the new sentences do not cancel Lukashenka's statements on the release of political prisoners:

"Today's verdicts, which, of course, outrageous, and continue the line very harsh political repression against the opposition and the presidential candidates — in my opinion, these sentences are not necessarily indicative of the fact that yesterday's statements were mere words. Obviously, if we have to let the political prisoners, the image — it will look like today's authorities — are very concerned about Lukashenka, and he would not want to make it appear that he was going to make concessions and shows weakness. In this context, I believe that today, we can expect that sentences will remain high and hard. Well, and will later be let loose these people, but they'll be convicted. There is a clear difference — one thing when a person is not punished, and not found guilty, and another — if it is applied in respect of any special affection and he is freed. "

The next sentences to political leaders and participants Squares against the background of Alexander Lukashenko says another member of the presidential election campaign, a former political prisoner, convicted for taking part in the events of December 19, Sergei Wozniak:

"It is clear that these judgments have nothing to do with justice.

Anywhere it is not going to go away — there are people pardoned released.

In such a state of law can not be. After all presidential candidates and all proxies — we all did the same the same thing: we called people on October Square. But someone decided that a group of Sannikov, Statkevich should be punished very severely by the article "riots" in which awarded five or more years. Rymasheusky group and Neklyaeva — more gently, and we were given an article number 342 — "gross violation of public order." A group Kastusiou and Romanchuk — not to punish in any way, although they are also called the people of the area. In such a state of law can not be — or no one's fault, or blame all. It is clear that these are political decisions. If all this is linked to the statements Lukashenko in Astana, which, they say, vypustsi and so on, of course, be released. Release regardless of who got what terms, and soon everyone will be on the loose. This is evidenced by the political situation, as well as solidarity actions in Belarus and abroad. Anywhere it is not going to go away — there are people pardoned released. And in the future — rehabilitated, regardless of the article and the date. "


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