The number of fires in the reserves in the Urals in 2012 doubled

Number of forest fires in the reserves and natural parks of the Urals Federal District (UFD) from the beginning of 2012 has more than doubled compared to the same period last year — up to 39 fires, said the Federal Forestry Agency (FFA).

Area affected by natural fire, in the same period has increased nine times — up to 7000 square meters.

"The greatest number of natural fires account for the Chelyabinsk region — 19 forest fires on the total area of 120.2 hectares, of which 13 are registered in Ilmen State Reserve on the area of 116 hectares," — said in a statement.

Agency said that the largest area of forest fires observed in the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District (Upper Taz Reserve), where there were seven natural fires on an area of 6.58 hectares.

For the same period last year in the reserves and natural parks UFD were 18 forest fires on an area of 763 hectares. The greatest number of natural fires also accounted for the Chelyabinsk region, and the largest area of forest fires was also observed in the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District, the agency Forestry.

According to the agency, the main causes of the deterioration of the situation in the forest fire reserves and natural parks in 2012 — abnormally hot weather: early onset of spring, the lack of rainfall over an extended period of time and the average daily high temperature.

Thus, if in 2011 the first forest fire in Ilmen reserve was recorded on May 2, in the current year first natural fire was discovered on April 16.

"Despite this, efforts to extinguish forest fires that occurred in the reserves, national parks and sanctuaries of federal importance, submitted timely manner, which allows us to localize and eliminate the majority of natural fires in the area of forest land on the date of discovery or within the first two days" — said in a statement.

Forestry Agency also emphasizes that in the reserves, wildlife parks and sanctuaries, licensed to fight forest fires, there is ten times smaller fires. This, for example, national parks "Taganay", "Zyuratkul", "Pripyshminskie forests" and the State Nature Reserve "Small Sosva."

According to authorities, this is due to the fact that the license requirements for the implementation of forest fire activity include, in addition to the qualification of staff in protected areas, and even the presence in the establishment of fire-chemical stations (PHS) and the availability of fire-extinguishing equipment.

"Despite the fact that the staffing of PHS is costly, managers of national parks understand that damage caused by forest fires in the tens or even hundreds of times. So working on licensing forest fire activity will continue," — said in a statement .

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