The occupiers of Wall Street have defended Park Zukotti

Demonstrators movement for social justice, "Occupy Wall Street!" On Friday, October 14, was nearly evicted from the park Zukotti where they camped.

The owner of this is located in New York's Lower Manhattan, a small park, the company Brookfield Properties, first reported that exactly at 15:00 (Moscow time) will begin a phased cleaning his property and has requested police support in the event that the protesters did not leave the park.

Who responded said they are not going to go anywhere. However, on Friday morning, the vice-mayor of New York Cas Holloway announced that the company has decided to delay the cleaning — which means that the activists will be able to stay in the park with their blankets, makeshift beds, and other attributes of life, they had to grow roots during the demonstrations, writes

PS: If you pay attention, you can be heard on the video shouting, "This Saturday!"


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