The opposition said about electoral violations in Azerbaijan

In Azerbaijan, on Sunday held elections for the National Assembly of the country. On the 125 seats in parliament claimed about 700 candidates. By noon, about a quarter of the electorate voted.

Members of the opposition claim irregularities during the elections. Election Headquarters of "The People's Front -" Musavat "in particular reports of multiple voting particular group of people that for many parts of the observers were barred from the opposition, as well as vkidvanni ballots in the ballot box.

The leader of the party "Musavat" Isa Gambar, compared the current campaign with elections in Azerbaijan "poznesavetskaga" period.

"The Communists also held uncontested elections in most counties, leaving the opposition's chances in a limited number of places," — Gambar said, pointing to the registration of opposition candidates in only one third of the districts.

In turn, CEC chairman Mazahir Panahi said there is no serious violations during the elections — the correspondent Radio Liberty Farid Aryfaglu.

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