The opposition suspends talks on a common candidate

Today, opposition candidates Vital Rymasheuski, Nikolai Statkevich Nyaklyayeu and representative Yaroslav Romanchuk Anatoly Lebedko urged voters to November 24 to October Square in Minsk at a meeting in the framework of the campaign. This meeting should be a dress rehearsal for the area on December 19.

Opposition members of the election campaign at a press conference admitted that they have no hope of a fair election, because the results of the formation of election commissions have shown that the vote will be considered only representatives of Alexander Lukashenko. In these circumstances, the opposition is hoping for mass protests against electoral fraud.

Vitaly Rymashevski






Anatoly Lebedko

The candidate of the Belarusian Christian Democracy Vital Rymasheuski urged fellow citizens to the first such rally on October Square in Minsk on November 24, the anniversary of the 1996 referendum, which was amended by the Constitution. The action will take place within the framework allowed by the law of the campaign:

"Today, unlike 2006, the Belarusian leaders have to be in front, must be able to organize, manage the process. We must be able to take a number of people in their parties, organizations, led by the mass protests that will certainly sooner or later, to a change of the regime, to the victory of freedom and democracy in Belarus. "

The appeal was supported by Vital Rymasheuski Statkevich, Nyaklyayeu and Anatoly Lebedko. At the general meeting did not come three opposition candidates — Mikhalevich, Gregory Kastusyou and Andrei Sannikovin.

Statkevich — It can be seen in connection with it — said he had no hope that the opposition will get a single candidate:

"There is even a question about the overall strategy for common action and, as a minimum, the termination of a public mutual struggle for the joy of power."

Nyaklyayeu said to have been involved in all procedures for the election of a single, but the majority decided to postpone this issue for a time after the official registration of candidates. Mr. Nekljaev in such circumstances urged his colleagues to stop talking about the secondary:

"The venue of our agreements may only be a square. Everything. Allocation of responsibilities and accountability for the area. Uchastvuesh you in the process — so uchastvuesh to develop a common strategy and tactics. Because, as rightly said and Rymashevski and Statkevich, has now been possible to assume that the elections in Belarus will be neither free nor fair, they will be rigged. Already it starts. "

On offer Anatoly Lebedko three opposition candidates generally agreed to close with the press to discuss the theme of a single candidate as long as there is no what to say about it. At the same time, Anatoly Lebedko admitted that he was not sure of the need for a single candidate from the opposition:

"In our view, the goal of a maximum task — this is a victory, as the problem, at least — is the real beginning of the negotiation process between the government and the opposition, through the mediation of the responsible organizations. Everything else — the tools. Including a single candidate. I currently am consistent supporter of a single candidate, but am not sure that a single candidate will help realize these goals and objectives. "

Opposition candidates have prepared a draft joint statement in which the state of preparation of electoral fraud in Belarus and are turning to foreign entities with a call to make more intensive international monitoring of the elections.

On the question of whether the organizers know the square on December 19, where to lead the nation Vitaly Rymashevski said:

"There are a couple of options …"

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