The outlook for solar flares of September 24

Flare activity of the Sun September 24, 2011. be moderate to high, a possible outbreak of class M and H. This forecast gives heliogeophysical Center of the Institute of Applied Geophysics (IPG) Hydromet. According to IPG, September 23, the geomagnetic field will be quiet, with occasional periods of instability, September 24 — from calm to unstable. In the radiation environment may be weak disturbances. Possible violations of radio in some hours of the day in the polar regions.

For the past day on the Sun recorded five sunspot groups. Flare activity — high. In view of the fact that powerful flares of class X and M have occurred near the eastern limb of the Sun perturbation of the magnetic field of the Earth is flattened and is expected on September 24-25.

Solar flares — is a process of energy (light, heat and kinetic). The most powerful solar flares are X-Class X. The class M are solar flares, which are radiated power is 10 times smaller than the flare of class X, and the class C — flash power is 10 times smaller than the flare of class M.

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