The people in a panic. All on the verge of revolt

The village is facing a crisis no less painful than the city. Prices have risen sharply in the processing of personal plots, fuel, chemicals, many of the goods. In some places, farmers have to cultivate crops by hand.

Grodno region

"What kind of people — and a" father "…"

The Grodno region, many farmers are forced to cultivate their land by hand, not a tractor, as much fuel has risen in price.

Village Putryshki Grodno region — for a few kilometers from the city. Many of its residents commute to work in Grodno, but some traditionally work on the ground.

The first counter Mr outdoors when I asked how they immediately affected by the crisis, has become almost a curse.

Man: "Yes in all respects all expensive: milk is two thousand, bread — more than two thousand, wages do not grow, and 80 gasoline-you almost four thousand — my car is in the garage. So what to do."

"In our village shop Putryshki products are more expensive than in the city"

Suitable another, more young gentleman and also talks about the crisis in the country.

Second man: "People are really bad live, complain about life. Salary of about 400,000, the biggest — let 600,000. But the store in Putryshkah all supplies are more expensive than in the city — all absolutely. Who is younger, then go to work in Poland, Russia and then bring money into the family, and live. "

"I voted against Lukashenko, flatly. He is not the master …"

First, Mr. interlocutor interrupts: "I voted against Lukashenko, flatly. He did not host and is not suitable for such a case. And most importantly, that not only I, but he is another vote — against Lukashenko and scored 80% …".

Go out of the store and also Ms. join the conversation.

First woman: "We try, we struggle because prices have risen, and in the village, you know, his farm, somehow survive. And prices jumped salt, no sugar, flour, cereals rose as elsewhere."

"This is us" gratitude "for the way we voted in the presidential election"

Second woman: "Everybody is now scared to live, because I do not know what will happen next, no one knows anything …".

A third woman, "I believe that this is our" gratitude "for the way we voted in the election. Now we have what we have, and perhaps this is what we do deserve: a nation — and a" father. " .. '.

But, I see Mr. Tsegay himself in the kitchen garden fry potatoes and showers. Talking, and Mr. said that the garden tractor is cheaper now not start because the fuel have been significantly increased in price.

"This year, the potatoes will be" golden "

Man: "This year, the potatoes will be released" golden. "After all, there seems to be a bit field, and 7 liters tucked in the tractor, walked half an hour — and no tank. Which are the 7 liters — about 30 thousand!".

Reporter: "It would be easier not to have a farm …".

Man: "Look, that hog feed them, you need a lot of potatoes, flour. And people are working on this because already used to it and do not understand how to live differently. But it is not profitable. Even these potatoes that are fed, then sold, for it can be two pigs to buy, what they feed each other. "

The farmer manually fry potatoes showered since fuel went up and start expensive tractor

Gomel Oblast

Villagers in shock: millet grains are more expensive than fat

Narrating Inna, resident of the village tours that though given the status of the city, but there is a rustic way of life:

"Just everyone does what he can. Someone takes money from their accounts, cards, loans someone prepares for TV sets and refrigerators, some more potatoes planted, someone runs to the shops and buying up all you can . Razmyali all the sugar, all the salt — we Turov no sugar, no salt. snapping up what everyone can — even underwear and all that. "

Natural shock to people who have personal economy, steel prices of some food items. In shopping district Petrykov brought couscous — a good feed for poultry and swine.

People do not believe your eyes, looking at the prices:

"All unhappy. Who will be pleased if couscous more fat — 12 thousand per kilogram of us brought, and they cost — 3000. All in shock."

Anatoly interlocutor says that now the problem has become treat "hundreds" as gypsies, have horses, demand for second prabaranavanuyu plowed acres of land of 10 thousand rubles:

"We gypsies took over plowed hundred 10000. Kon plow — 10,000."

On the rise in food and rural services, and speaks Alexander Kovalchuk from the village Kozenki Mozyr district trustee election of former presidential candidate Vital Rymasheuski:

"People just panicked. All on the verge of rebellion."

"If you plow a hundred in the last year was the biggest 5000, now — 8. Again people" cheated. "Those people that the elections were against me, as trustee, and now, on the contrary, support — in the sense of what is right they were told. "

Some villagers Vvaravichav Buda-Koshelev area believe that the current situation is more like the beginning of the 90s of last century, when prices pustsilisya ran into a gallop, counters apustoshvalisya and growing excitement in the community.

Opinion resident Vvaravichav Mr. Alexander:

"Residents — we are all robbed. Products we have gained. People just panicked, shocked. Even those people who are always screaming that we have in the leadership of the man now dissatisfied. All on the verge of rebellion."

Even those people who are always screaming that we have in the leadership of the man now dissatisfied. All on the verge of revolt

Vitebsk Region

The people of this year to plant more potatoes and other vegetables

After a rise in price of food, many of the villagers enthusiastically began to do on their own acres, hoping to save at the expense of its own potatoes or vegetables. But treat your garden has also become much more expensive, says Mr. Dmitry, host with Gluboksky area:

"I live in a small village, we've got already many refused to keep the cows, as the milk at the store cheap. But the gardens began to plant much more — planting potatoes, cabbage, sprouts, and therefore greatly increased in price at the fair — and cabbage, and tomatoes. The people of this year to plant most of all! ".

"The collective farm horses do not, mineral tuks and herbicides have to steal …"

To plow the land, one has to use a tractor to a private operator or the owner of the horse, and this service is also not cheap, Dmitry continues:

"Even this year, managed to cultivate the land at last year's prices, diesel fuel went up there the other day only. But if the horse, we have no farm horses. A host" for a bottle of "do not be trying to take the money. And we've got People do not buy mineral tuks — trying to steal something, or agriculturist "snapping" at lower prices. And so they went. "

Mr. George Beshenkovichi from a large farm: a vegetable garden and a few cows. The content does not come cheap:

"In Beshenkovichi for a hundred horse plowed land asking from 5 to 10 thousand rubles. When taking a horse from his friend, the razlichvayusya honey or some other natural products. Why do not you, so take a shovel in hand and dig!"

The problems this year have got those hosts who keep pigs — says George — in fact risen substantially feed:

"What month ago it in any private trade or in the store did not have where to find. Now in Beshenkovichi bag of feed costs about 50 thousand rubles, and on the Polotsk melkambinatse — another 28. That such things!".

His views on the current planting potatoes shares Mrs. Maria with Orsha Land:

"Potatoes are more expensive on its weave. Kilogram elite varieties for sowing sell for 5,000 rubles. Large bucket usual" achene "- neelitnay — 20-25 thousand. And to plow the land, in the suburbs with the horse owner asks for 10,000 sq.m. plowed in remote villages — 7-8 thousand. "

"Went up the seeds and fertilizers, and especially — pesticides"

Hostess has estimated that if planted 10 acres of potatoes elite, then it will cost hundreds of thousands of rubles:

"And rose seeds and fertilizers and pesticides in particular — from kalaradkaga beetle and so on. As last year was worth a" ruble ", now — two, and there were two — four now."

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