The picture shows a man hovering over a legless ghost


A resident Kachkanar, photographing their relatives, captured in the background a strange girl, over which hung a strange object — like a man, but a very high and no legs.

The woman says that this summer has made a picture on a mobile phone near the Palace of Culture. When she subsequently took the photos, saw a strange silhouette in the distance, which circled the strange girl.

— At first I hesitated a hoax, but then realized that there really is something wrong — this silhouette is nowhere to take. For example, there are no monuments or any structures on this stretch of road no. Man of the object also can not be, because he has no legs.

Now, it is recognized by the picture, she is very worried about the stranger — "suddenly the phantom is a harbinger of something."

Nizhny Tagil parapsychologist and medium Valentine Sirotkin also shares the view of the possible phantom or ghost. According to her, it is invisible to the eye objects with energy shell and the same shape of the person.

— The man himself unwittingly creates a phantom, which are powered by its power. Good or bad — it depends on the people, but these effects can not disappear on their own, because they do not themselves have created, — says Valentina.

Phantom, she said, because there is imagination the person representing themselves in different situations. At worst, it has experienced a stressful situation, a disaster or grief and constantly think back to that moment. For example, endured a serious illness, recalls his condition, hospital room and completion of procedures.


— In fact, it sends a copy to the place where he was ill. Therefore, hospitals, places of mass death, mortuary, cemetery flooded with phantoms of people — she says.

Experts, according to her, is also studied the phenomenon of phantom pain. For example, when after the amputation person can still feel the leg — it hurts or itches.

— Well, perhaps that we do not see. Otherwise, the mind simply can not sustain. While such phenomena exist for a short time, but do not put them in the negative and go to a place where there were trouble, because it harms the energy sector. The only thing you need to try not to think about the bad — the Council Valentina.

The abbot Kachkanarskogo Orthodox parish Father Gennady sure that much importance to attach to such things should not be — it may be the photoelectric effect.

— Although I believe in the existence of ghosts and phantoms. I think that if we still can not fully know the material world, the spiritual mystery to us all. And if a person phantom case, however, need to understand the nature of their origin. The spiritual light — the heart of man, so we must first analyze yourself — said the priest.

According to him, if a person feels a sense of peace, tranquility and joy, then this phantom — a good thing. Conversely, if a person is experiencing anxiety and fear, then the phenomenon of demonic origin. You might also consider that it is the guardian angel of a man who had come to support him and save him from a rock, says the rector of the Orthodox parish.

— If a person doubts that the phantom not come in peace, we must sanctify their homes or come to confession. People in my life many things are happening, but some of them do not attach any value to their actions, they think that all long forgotten. But evil can come back even after 20 years. Perhaps the Lord is letting such things, reminding the man that he remembered his sin and repented. In any case, you need to come to church — said Gennady father.

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