The place and time of birth can not be changed

December 10, 2012 1:34

Buddhism says that the so-called "I" can not be fixed or eternal

"To believe that the creator of the acts and the one who reaps the fruits of their (in the next life), — one and the same person — one extreme. To believe that these are two different personalities — another extreme. Both of these extremes avoided Buddha when he talked about the nature of rebirth and taught the truth that lies between the two extremes. " So says a sacred Buddhist text Nidan Samutta.

To speculate about the nature of rebirth, we must first deal with the term "I" or the concept of "eternal soul", to travel in time and space, which is called reincarnation.

Buddhism says that the so-called "I" can not be fixed or eternal — is nothing more than a function of our mental and physical components of ever-changing — and so any notion of "eternal, unchanging soul" Buddhists rejected.

Defining the "I" can not be considered this category applies only to the gross level of the body, the "I", or our identity, associated primarily with the existence of consciousness, rather, with the stream of consciousness. It is considered at different levels: from the sensual, emotional (anger, joy, and so on) and to the finest level of consciousness — the mind of clear light. It is continuous and has no beginning and no end. His luminous nature retained beyond the period of stay in the physical body — that the flow of clear light passes from one life to another. It's like an endless glowing filament.

Then what about our identity?

The fact is, according to Buddhism, that any action we perform leaves an imprint in the thinnest (luminous) consciousness. Each print in certain circumstances generates reflection, "karma." This is our difference from each other — on the surface, at a gross level. And in the depths of consciousness, we — endless glowing filament.


The Tibetan spiritual culture is an interesting phenomenon of reincarnation find great Buddhist teachers who made a conscious decision to return to Earth in the human body. These "degenerates" called tulkus, which in Tibetan means — "the body of phenomena." Tulku come to continue its mission for the benefit of all beings. And a very important factor in the desire to regain the human body are the prayers and aspirations of the followers of the lamas. The earliest Tibetan tulkus can be found in XII-XIII centuries. Currently, there are about three thousand.

Great lamas are usually aware of their next incarnation, and almost always leave messages, which indicate the place of birth and the names of their parents. But there are times when the teacher leaves, leaving no evidence of its rebirth. Then the cause is taken authoritative Lama has spiritual intuition and clairvoyance. They take account of prophetic dreams that could dream of tulkus alleged mother before pregnancy, during and after the birth of her baby. Notice the special abilities of the child, his behavior, addiction. When a child grows up, he checked in with tradition, offering a choice of several items, one of which belonged to him in a previous life. The child must correctly choose their clothes, ritual attributes and find their place in the church. In complex cases entrusted divination turn to oracles, have resorted to astrological calculations. So, to search for the Dalai Lama used the mystical power of the lake Lhamo Lhattso. Wise Lama came to the shore of the lake, made ritual offerings, immersed in deep meditation — and on the surface of water loomed image of the birthplace of the Dalai Lama: Eastern Tibet, the monastery of the green and golden roofs. But when the definition of tulkus insurmountable difficulties — so the problem here related to his disciples. If they violate the sacred vows (itself), wallow in quarrels and disagreements, lose loyalty to teachers, and the teacher does not see the point of his new incarnation, losing touch with the world.

February 13, 1996 in Kathmandu, died Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche — the air that day was clear, and the blue sky seemed to be surprisingly high. And when they opened the stupa in which the teacher was cremated, they found special relics (ringsely). This substance, which remain in the ashes, like beads of crystal or pearls — signs that Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche reached the highest spiritual level. Now it was unmistakable to find it a new incarnation. And the disciples, watching sky blue pearl, praying for the imminent return of his master.

Offended BOY

Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche did not leave information about its reincarnation, it was decided to refer to Trulshik Rinpoche, a master of meditation and all recognized duhovidtsu. At first he saw only a vague outline, stood out in a luminous haze — and therefore do not jump to conclusions. But after a retreat in the sacred cave Maratika came to him a clear vision of rebirth Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche.

And he wrote on the ritual scarf (lhadake) poem, indicating the place and time of birth of a boy, and the names of the parents of the spiritual successor of Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche. It turns out that Urgyen Rinpoche for his new incarnation chose Chokling son, who lives in the small town of Bir monastery, in the north of India. The boy was born in July 2001. And further revealed that reincarnation is found precisely.

Was arranged ceremony gifts behalf, during which cut off a lock of hair. The boy was given a new spiritual name — Youngs Rinpoche. And on November 19, 2008 appointed a ceremony raising him to the throne. It took place in Kathmandu, in the monastery Ka-Ning Shedrub. I was just at that time in Kathmandu, and I was lucky enough to see these celebrations. The people came from all over the world to make offerings and to contemplate the young reincarnation. Here were the great lamas, slowly marching straight to the monastery, where the sound of the names Tibetan trumpets (tung were obtained) were sounded through loudspeakers. When all the noble guests, among whom I spotted even Hindu yoga, dressed in a European suit, hid themselves in the monastery, it was time for the rest. It was a very long queue, a snake curled in the courtyard of the monastery.

The sun was hot, the line barely moved, dereveneli leg muscles, stomach cramp with hunger, I tried several times to leave, but after three — four hours yet dived under the cool arches of the monastery pagoda. "Well, now I see a miracle! Living proof of infinity of life "- I was elated, slowly moving.

Reverently bent over, I went to the high throne for a blessing, which is surrounded by caregivers, one leg tucked under him, and the other, in a short toes, stretching, sitting small Tulku Urgyen … that is already Youngs. I looked up to see the angelic creation. Boy once in a businesslike, as if many, many years gave the blessing fingers touching tops of suitable people to him. But his look! — He was sent over the crowd in a dark corner of the monastery. In the face of the baby was apparent some resentment at these uncles and aunts, who all go all day and go to him — and he was so tired! Youngs touched my hand, and I barely resisted the temptation to take his outstretched leg — so wanted to pay his respects.

In the back yard of the monastery were treated rice with vegetables and bottled milk tea. I put in a bowl of white rice hill, poured into a mug of tea and a large kettle, anticipating dinner, went to Tenek ponder what they see.

SUITCASE with drawings

On his return to Russia, I was again thinking about the phenomenon of tulkus of the little Youngs Rinpoche and the nature of reincarnation. And then I asked myself, and why I have so persistently, with such zeal repeatedly committing these trips to the Himalayas, as if nothing else there in the world? And I was suddenly covered with a bold assumption — my children's notebooks with drawings of the mountains! I grew up on the endless plains, never having seen the mountains, with gusto izrisovyval notebook notebook for me unknown peaks. What pushed my hand to display the lines of mountain landscapes — it's not a picture of my previous life I was dictating my deep memory?

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