The prosecutor's office is not authorized to comment on the case Baykova

As the prosecutor responded to reports that during the investigation of corrupt officials, which led Svetlana Baykova, her colleague shared information with untried?

Less than a week later investigation for particularly important cases of the Prosecutor's Office Svetlana Baykova must complete familiarization with the criminal case, in which it is suspected of abuse of power: the investigator allegedly illegally released from criminal responsibility under investigation Paul's Milk, who testified at the senior KGB officers involved in corruption at the border.

For two weeks, the lawyer Baykova Michael Volcheck complained to the Attorney General's Office for investigation, which waged against his client in the KGB. According to the lawyer, the investigators were aware of serious violations of the law by one of his colleagues Baykova that actually hindered the investigation work, but did nothing to stop these actions. Or carried out by the prosecutor's office checks the application lawyer Michael Volchak, I asked the head of the press service of the Prosecutor General's Office Peter Kiseleva.

Kiselev"No, I can not comment, I have no one on it is not authorized."

Reporter"The lawyer for two weeks to file a complaint, there is no answer?"

Kiselev"I do not know. I did not say anything. "

According to the materials under investigation businessman listening to Paul's milk, during the investigation, he was talking to another investigative team, which serves as the police. The officer shared with persons under investigation Milk sensitive information that could affect the outcome of the investigation, said the lawyer. For example, here is an entry audition, which is made of 22 November 2009.

"Paul Milk": "Okay, I'll talk to her so that by the third, she says that what the third, it is necessary first. She says. "

Police officer: "If you say it is better to tell you about the first one, will be more beautiful look," — such consultations, the interception, which led the KGB, the defendants gave the police officer, who was formally a member of the investigation team headed by Svetlana Baykova.

It will eat for 3 seconds, if you need to eat.

In another piece of conversation, which is in the file Baykova, the same police officer and Paul Milk discussing why Baykova undertook to investigate the matter. From the quote that Svetlana Baykova "patronized" the former Minister of the Interior Vladimir Naumov, but when he was fired, the position of the investigation it became risky. "She will eat for 3 seconds, if you need to eat," — says the police officer, who shared the information with the milk under investigation.

The lawyer Svetlana Baykova Michael Volcheck comment on the situation regarding the verification of his complaints against the KGB on the phone refused. The lawyer said that after November 15, when will familiarize with the case, it will transfer to the General Prosecutor's Office, where within 5 business days of check and decide its fate.

"There may refuse the direction of the court, or to present a new charge. But I believe that the case should be stopped and all. Because of its lack of offense had been committed, "- said lawyer Michael Baykova Volcheck.

Businessman Paul Milk, which opened a case against Svetlana Baykova, testified in senior staff and Brest Brest customs KGB who supervised them. From these indications that corruption ties were drawn from Brest and Minsk. In particular, for a variety of materials, has been accused of corruption in the former KGB officer responsible Anatoly Gramovich. Since May, the case of Anatoly Hramovich got to court, but its consideration and has not begun. In February 2010, she was arrested and put in jail KGB investigative prosecutors, who opened a case of Brest customs, Svetlana Baykova. Svetlana Baykova is now under house arrest, her contacts with journalists banned.



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