The rover found on Mars, another cockroach — is local


NASA has not yet figured out to the end, where next to the rover took a piece of plastic film, so like a cockroach, as there is a new mystery. It is much smaller than the previous one. But it makes you think more.

Let me remind you, "cockroach" appeared on the 61 th Martian day (Sol 61 — October 7, 2012 at the Earth). Robot "Curiosity" (Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity) took a picture of him at the wheel of their own at a time when the local scoop scooped soil — took the sample. A few days no one knew what it was. The situation was clarified picture taken on October 11 (Sol 65) camera MAHLI

(Mars Hand Lens Imager). I could see that on the ground lay a piece of plastic — a little more than a centimeter in length. We decided that it were blown from the landing site. And just in case rejected and a second scoop with the ground, scoop the robot. Scored the third.

Traces of pocketing scoop — two tracks
Photo: NASA / JPL-Caltech / MSSS

Traces of pocketing scoop — there was a third track
Photo: NASA / JPL-Caltech

On the 69th Martian day (15 October 2012) Soil loaded into a special analyzer to study the mineral composition by X-ray diffraction.

While the Analyzer analyzes, NASA specialists and looking at yet another "cockroach" who is in the frame. It is quite tiny — a little more than a millimeter. But stands out from the crowd. Gizmo brightly shines like a gold nugget. Metal or mineral is not known. Experts hypotheses put forward. Only assume that the "nugget" is likely to double. Lying in shallow water. And he was on the surface because it dug a robot when scooped a scoop for the second time.

A brilliant contraption (center photo) appeared where the robot scooped up a shovel for the second time
Photo: NASA / JPL-Caltech / MSSS

NASA plans to explore the brilliant contraption with a chemical laser.

Vladimir Lagowski


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