The Russian government has given approval for the transit of arms through NATO Ulyanovsk



Russia allowed the use of not only land, but also the combined transit through its territory to Afghanistan, arms and military equipment of NATO
Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev signed a decree that allowed the transit of weapons and military equipment of NATO through the territory of our country.
In previously published government resolution "On the order of land transit through Russian territory of arms, military equipment and military supplies being delivered to the International Security Assistance Force in the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and in the opposite direction," amended. It previously allowed "ground transit" is replaced by road and combined, including the use of rail, road and air transport.

Russian Foreign Ministry instructed to inform foreign governments and international organizations about the new developments.
In the past, the leadership of NATO and Russia agreed on the possibility of use as a transit point Ulyanovsk airport, which was convenient for the preparation of the conclusion to the end of 2014, NATO troops in Afghanistan. Many Russians negatively perceived plans for a transit point for NATO in Ulyanovsk, participated in protests and rallies.

On the subject:

NATO base "Manas" — a lesson for Ulyanovsk

A NATO base in Kyrgyzstan "Manas" is now called the transit center, but in fact it is a full military base.
Who can guarantee that with the choke points in Ulyanovsk will be different?

Excerpts from the movie studios' TV Show Arkady Mamontov "- BASE.

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