The selective review: Opposition negative view of the electoral process

The most distinctive events in the campaign for the presidential election in Belarus this week were two — Acquisition of election commissions and consideration of proposals of the opposition CEC to improve the electoral legislation. In both cases, the opposition leaders expressed strong dissatisfaction with the actions of the authorities.

That election commissions will be directly considered newsletters voters. And it is here, according to independent observers, the process of falsification of election results. In the committees have to work 70,815 people. Members of opposition political parties from this number — one hundred and eighty-three This means that the share of the opposition is about 0.25%. The number of pro-government and opposition parties represented in election commissions, the same. And those and others — by five. But the share of pro-government accounts 1586 mandates, and in opposition — one hundred and eighty-third

Lidiya Yarmoshyna

Chairman of the Central Election Commission Lidiya Yarmoshyna claims against CEC rejects:

"The central committee does not form election commissions. This is — it local authorities."

Chairman of the BPF Yanukevich says the party together with the movement of "Revival" have advanced to district commissions of more than 300 people. And included — 36. Opposition leader explains:


"I am convinced that the most fundamental reason is that that power afraid to release under his direct control process of counting the votes. But it starts at the precinct commissions. Because the minimum and the inclusion of representatives of that political parties that will push this count. "

While in some regions of the fixed "point" opposition representation in the election commissions, the Mogilev region raised a record. It's all election commissions — without opposition. For example, five activists in the district election commissions Krichevsky advanced motion BPF "Revival" and the United Civil Party.

Sergei Uneven

"They are not included without explanation. They all famous people, and everyone knows their civil and political position, that is, to the executive committee of the secret it was not. Meeting was formal. Engrossed in reading lists and voted unanimously. Discussions were not. BRYU in each commission and White Russia ", said one of the nominees Sergei Uneven.

Opposition activists have sent a number of complaints to the courts. They are angry that they were not included in the commissions. Most processes will take place next week. And for those that have already occurred, solutions are the same — a commission formed without breaking.

With 15 proposals aimed at improving the electoral legislation made public campaign "For Fair Elections 2010", the CEC has only one, and then only partially. In the electoral documents will now be recorded that the observers can watch the counting of ballot papers "under conditions that allow to see aglyadnasts vote count." All other offers for various reasons rejected. Also received one offer from the Belarusian Helsinki Committee. Now the republican public entity is permitted to send observers to the committee at any level, regardless of whether the organization is in the relevant region registered its structure.

CEC Chairman Lidiya Yarmoshyna in an interview with reporters after the meeting stated that, although disgruntled and left, still made today a lot:

"Contributed two significant changes to the decisions of the Central Election Commission, governing the public. Firstly, the powers of observers are in full compliance with the Convention on free and fair elections for the CIS countries. Secondly, a simplified procedure for sending observers of the social 'associations, that monitor elections, but still do not have a wide structures. "

Co-chair of the campaign "For Fair Elections 2010" Sergei Kalyakin dissatisfied with the decisions of the Central Election Commission:

Sergei Kalyakin

"I did not know any observers or voters this election results, so they will not know the future. And today, the CEC has become the cover of opportunities for fraud. We have appealed to the Commission to enable it to show that everything is transparent, and the Commission will obstacle to the falsification of the election results. But today we got a solution that gives the green light rigging. "

November 8 — the last day, when the regional commissions can check the quality of the collected signatures in favor of the presidential candidates. However, the law provides five more days to test the regional commissions. So what about which of the 11 presidential candidates overcome the barrier of 100,000 high-quality signatures, will be known at the end of the week. Except perhaps the Vitebsk entrepreneur Vladimir Pravalski. Yesterday Lidiya Yarmoshyna told reporters that he had collected only about 700 signatures. And all the others — it only copies of these signatures.

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