The separatists want to secede from the United States



In the U.S. presidential election caused unexpected consequences. Immediately in 7 U.S. states collected a number of signatures to secede from the United States that Barack Obama, who was elected this month to a new presidential term, will not be able to not react.

"Obama's victory — the first step in a thousand years of darkness." His address with these words, in September published on the Internet a famous actor Chuck Norris.

"Our great country and freedom is under threat. We have almost reached the point of no return, and the country as we know it may be lost forever if we do not change our course," — said the actor.

His action film, and indeed the movie character Norris, have long turned into an object of ridicule for his condescending straightness. In life, undefeated Texas Ranger was true to his character. But it seems that not all countrymen reacted to this with his usual irony. In his home state residents have raised the question of secession of Texas from the United States.



In order for a petition to the President considered under it had to collect 25,000 signatures on the internet. At present, the Texans have collected 4 times more! Connoisseurs of American history were not surprised.

"Texas was an independent republic after its separation from Mexico and before joining the United States. He is the only part of a federation that was truly independent, and the spirit of freedom from Washington politicians live there forever," — says political scientist Roger Hanver (USA).

The idea of the Texans swept the U.S. like a snowball. At present, already in 30 states are gathering signatures for petitions to withdraw from the United States. And if they will gather at 25,000, Obama will have to answer each one.

Today hardly anyone really believes that the United States — nuclear power, one of the pillars of the current world order — that's so easy to break into pieces. In addition, U.S. citizens remember well that in the XIX century, this situation ended the civil war. But the election stirred up old grievances almost half of Americans. These people always vote against the Democrats believe Obama almost a socialist and do not favor the central government.

"Americans do not like their federal power, they do not like Washington, many Americans are suspicious of Washington, the president -" why do you need it, we have our government in the United States, we have governors who we choose to directly "- political scientist Nikolai Zlobin.

It also added to the dissatisfaction of many Republican voters in both elections were held.

"For example, in Florida and in the Greater Philadelphia, in" democratic "areas, polling just threw all Republicans observer. Judge had to issue a separate order that they be allowed to enter. And this note were official observers of the Republican Party" — says a representative of the National Center for civic politics Justin Danhof (USA).

These elections mass claims and international observers. The fact of the indirect election of the president, and in the electoral college, has long been recognized by experts, including the U.S., a relic of the past. Some states do not vote for people who had a criminal record, and citizens living abroad. That is deprived of the right to vote 10 million people. Some states, is the same as Texas, prohibit international observers even closer to the polls. There are claims and the fact that the two main parties — Republicans and Democrats — despite their feud amicably protect political Olympus of the other political forces.

"Yes, break through the two-party system to third candidates or third parties is extremely difficult, because the entire political process monopolized by the two parties," — says the Deputy Director of the Institute of USA and Canada Valery Garbuzov.

The situation around the U.S. presidential candidate of the Green Party Jill Stein — a vivid example of this. She was arrested twice during the presidential campaign, including an attempt to take part in pre-election debates.

12 years ago the two major parties have adopted an amendment prohibiting the participation in the debates to candidates who have not received, according to official surveys, 15% strength of support. For Europe, this is nonsense. For the United States — in the order of things. Most experts generally say that the principles of the U.S. presidential election is so out of date that can be considered democratic only in a stretch.

And all the evidence suggests that Barack Obama during the new term will have to think about serious reforms in this area. But here again, the big question is whether it will support the Republicans in this?

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