The share of the opposition — a quarter percent

Today, the Central Election Commission announced the results of the formation of precinct election commissions. That is, they would be considered voter ballots. It was determined that the commissions have to work 70,815 people. Members of opposition political parties from this number — one hundred and eighty-three This means that the share of the opposition is about 0.25%.

The number of pro-government and opposition parties represented in election commissions, the same. And those and others — by five. But the share of pro-government accounts 1586 mandates, and in opposition — one hundred and eighty-third

Chairman of the Central Election Commission Lidiya Yarmoshyna claims against CEC rejects:

"The central committee does not form election commissions. This is — it local authorities."

Deputy Chairman of the Left Party "Fair World" Valery Uhnalou notes: this time the same thing happened that a month ago during the formation of the territorial election commissions. As then, the application of pro-government nominees are met almost entirely, and opposition candidates were ignored. Opposition parties are now together put 1,073 people, and included in the commission — 183:

"This analysis must take into account the objective — that should solve the district commissions and their friends. And they will do the counting of votes, to sign the protocols, etc. And so there is the fundamental approaches of people representing democratic organizations and political parties that are not needed. It is a headache for the authorities. Therefore, such an approach. "

The authorities are afraid to release under its control process of direct counting ..

Chairman of the BPF Yanukevich says the party together with the movement of "Revival" have advanced to district commissions of more than 300 people. And included — 36. Opposition leader explains:

"I am convinced that the most fundamental reason is that the government is afraid to release under his direct control process of counting the votes. But it starts at the precinct commissions. Therefore, the inclusion of a minimum it is the political parties that will push this count. "

The figures show: in This year, in the precinct commissions 183 representatives of opposition political parties. At the last presidential election they had a second But since you can not compare, says Valery Uhnalou:

"Only in commissions — 70,000 people. And 180 opposition there will not solve any problems. Therefore, we compare these figures to put it mildly, incorrect. "

Representation of parties
  • PBC — 545
  • Belarusian Party of Labor and Justice — 428
  • Belarusian Social Sports Party — 406
  • Belarusian Agrarian Party — 144
  • Belarusian Party of the Left "Fair World" — 78
  • The Republican Party — 63
  • UCP — 54
  • BPF Party — 36
  • Belarusian Social Democratic Party (Hramada) — 10
  • BSDG — 5


Elections 2010

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