The state defense order for the current year is actually ripped off

The state defense order for the current year is almost derailedOctober 10 at a meeting of the Federation Council Deputy Economic Development Minister Klepach said about the failure of the municipal defense contracts in the current year and the likelihood of failure of the year and in the future. This is a resounding statement comes against the background of repeated assurances by Anatoly Serdyukov that all the issues relating to the implementation of the state defense order will be resolved in the most recent times.

At the hearings on the review of the draft municipal budget for 2012-2014, Klepach said virtually the subsequent: "The state defense order is made for the current year, for sure, will not, and with a very high probability of a little bit of this does not happen in the next year." Deputy Chairman of the Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation Valery Goregliad supported safely Klepach and noted that defense spending is one of the least transparent and most inefficient in all the Russian budget the last couple of years. «23 trillion. Those anticipated by 2020 — is indescribably large sum, but will it be like to be mastered, it is very unlikely," — said Goregliad.

With all of this the Ministry of Defense denies failure of defense orders this year. The ministry confirmed that the process of placing orders for the current year is normal, and 60% for the conclusion of agreements on the future year already prepared the necessary documents to be signed immediately after the approval of the new budget. Last week, Defense Minister Serdyukov said once again that the placement of defense orders for current year "almost finished." "Out of the allocated amount equal to 580 billion rubles left to learn a little twenty" — read minister. Specifically, such an amount of money estimated contract with the Ministry of Defense of the United Shipbuilding Company and Metropolitan Institute of Thermal Technology. The military department so far not signed with USC contract the construction of the newest submarine "Ash", and 2 submarines "Northwind", capable of carrying ballistic missile "Bulava". In the PSC also confirm that the process of contracting still lasts. And according to RIA announcements, first deputy defense minister Alexander Sukhorukov Russian Federation said that the ministry has decided to postpone the execution of the contracts with the state defense order in 2011 for the coming year 2012. This, namely, the question of the 3rd and 4th regiment sets of S-400, and the purchase of trainer aircraft Yak-130.

A prerequisite for the transfer of supply of these types of weapons was, according to the deputy minister, the delayed execution of contracts with representatives of the military-industrial complex. The protracted negotiations with the military defense industry enterprises and untimely contracting Russian Defense Ministry clarifies the need to lower prices for the products of defense companies.

Topic of the state defense order was one of the key after the May meeting in the presence of President Medvedev, which made a real separation bureaucrats for the failure of target dates for the implementation of defense orders. On the instructions of Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, which he gave in August, to solving the problem is trying on defense procurement and Defense Minister Serdyukov and Deputy Prime Minister Sechin. But the timing of defense orders were pushed all the time. Last term solutions prepyadstviya last appointed in mid-September.

Meanwhile, President Medvedev has already chastised officials for the failure of the defense order in 2010, when they were able to learn only 70% of the amount allocated from the budget, and the year before in 2009 was made all defense contracts only half.

In order to prevent a recurrence of the situation, later in 2012 the Ministry of Defense plans to implement defense procurement under the new rules. The main innovation, which should greatly simplify the case with the Ministry of industrialists — is full pre-payment transactions even on those contracts implementation which implies a long period of time (and more than a year). Bureaucrats Defense especially single out the fact that "so comfortable criterion for cooperation of representatives of military-industrial complex is not, perhaps more than anywhere else in the world."

Member of the Public Council under the Ministry of Defense I.Korotchenko is confident that once fully implemented the practice of the prepayment system of federal contracts is working, at the end of the day, without fail. But, according to Korochenko, the Ministry of lust, that representatives of the military-industrial complex have made the cost structure of production open. "There is evidence that some margin contracts reaches 800%," — said the expert.
Meanwhile, manufacturers have their own position on the recent settlement system. They agree that the brand-new system is more transparent in comparison with an old, where orders and monitor their execution was concentrated in the same hands. But the Defense Ministry proposes to calculate prices using the annual deflator of 1-2%, which is similar to economic suicide. Because USC insists that the implementation of the defense order to focus on the inflation rate, determines the prognosis of Economic Development, in other words 6.7%.

Managing the 1st of the big defense companies a situation created around defense orders, called critical. "The old mechanism of the defense order was razed to the ground, and the new one is not created not only administrative, and with the legal point of view — says managing director. — In good should work out a new mechanism for the implementation of the state defense order for contracts taken separately. " Among other things, the promised state guarantees for contracts defense orders discredit itself in its current form because it does not compensate for the costs of the payment of loans.

Deputy Manager of the Center for Analysis of Strategies and Technologies, Konstantin Makiyenko highlights in the current dilemma of three main components. "This is the introduction of the new system of contracting, procurement of common origin and maintenance of his post to another job emblematic figures in the procurement of arms — the deputy minister, Vladimir Popovkin," — said the expert. But Makienko believes that the categorical expression of the failure of defense orders are very sudden. According to the views of a professional at this point between the stakeholders is in the process of bargaining.
Note that only a part of the state defense order in 2011 the War Department planned to procure 109 helicopters, 35 aircraft, three multi-purpose submarines, surface warships 1, and 21 SAM. In late March of this year, Defense Minister Serdyukov said, according to the state defense order in 2011, provides for delivery to the troops 2-strategic nuclear submarines, 36 strategic ballistic missiles, and 2-10-s strategic cruise missiles. The total amount of municipal funding in the current defense procurement in 2011 is about one and a half trillion rubles.

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