The State Duma has to pay off from the army

The State Duma has to pay off from the army

The State Duma has to pay off from the army. Now — officially. So as not to put on shirt, you will need to pay into the treasury million rubles. The initiative is "Vesti FM" discussed with the deputy of the State Duma Maxim Rohmistrovym.

"Vesti FM" Maxim S., zdrasti!

Rohmistrov: Good morning!

"Vesti FM": Explain the gathering, has introduced a bill to the State Duma official?

Rohmistrov: Yes, I made. But it has to go mailing list to receive feedback and regions world, only after which will be put to a plenary session. Unfortunately, the laws that puts the LDPR faction, not very quickly get to the wards. Because predict when he would be considered quite difficult.

"Vesti FM": But this bill has already been open a discussion at a meeting of the relevant committee?

Rohmistrov: As long as there is no more.

"Vesti FM": And unknown to date?

Rohmistrov: Yes.

"Vesti FM": Why did you decide to come to that idea?

Rohmistrov: The meaning is, that's all for now, these different schemes with the introduction of money really work in this country. And unfortunately, the funds do not come from the budget of the Ministry of Defence, and fall into the karma of people who will be so read, today use this situation for personal gain. We are strongly against this and we believe that one way to combat this used, by the way, many countries will contribute funds. These funds will be to recruit people who want to serve in the military and are ready for it to receive funds. That there is completely similar situation. As an example I can tell, they decided the problem of "thieves 'rooms' in the United Arab Emirates. There, all of the numbers that may have some alphanumeric phrase, put up for auction. There's not realistic to get the rooms — at a time, not one by one. They were put up for auction and sell. And the facilities are not available, so we read, numbered in sequence of characters.

"Vesti FM": But the rooms are non -. And the army directly affect our security with you.

Rohmistrov: Here's one of the reasons why we can not go to one hundred percent professional army — not enough money in the budget. Because we have to lure young people into the service. Here they say a lot about social justice — it also is. We have a service contract, there is conscription, there is other service, when not wishing to hold an instrument in the hands directed to community service. But there is no liberation. And because today is widely used scheme, where young people have yet to enter into life must go on criminal sin, bribing doctors in the military enlistment offices anyone anyone in institutions. In other words, we are expanding the field of corruption. When this is official — please.

"Vesti FM": General Staff proposed the idea to increment the draft age to 30 years. These initiatives have not yet been adopted, but these discussions are wandering in the walls of the General Staff, and perhaps they are somehow familiar. Would not that your initiative is a populist and beautiful words?

Rohmistrov: None. Why do these discussions are conducted? Because today we have here is exactly such a method — as they say among the people, "the slope of the Army", in other words, a bribe anyone was — was vastly expanded. And we did not have enough people to serve in the army. With regard to timing, can you imagine what is now modern technology? Well, I mean, you can, of course, to train to shoot a machine gun, but not, for example, air defense troops, missile troops trained to work on a complex technology. A means to contractors we do not have in the budget. And now a lot of money going into the pockets of any officials who use them in order to discover giving prostroen, buy the latest machines to make better personal well-being, their living conditions, to go abroad to rest. It's a lot of money! And, in fact the truth, when these same tools we'll use for the same contract, then we will close the needs of the army in the spices.

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