The state program of rearmament, raising finance and economy

The last few years the main theme on the Russian armed forces was imminent upgrade. In 2011 was launched respectively Municipal programm (called the LG-2020), during which a new arms and military equipment is planned to allocate 20 trillion rubles. This is a tremendous figure is almost the sum of all the planned appropriations for a couple of years. Fully say that funding for the procurement of new weapons may not be similar for each year in the period from 2011 to 2020-th. This is not once mentioned, and there were more days of clear numbers.

The state program of modernization, financing, and savings

At the current time in the State Duma is considering a draft federal budget for the years 2013-15, in which take into account, including past and plans to increase the funding of the army. Thus, by the end of the planning period — in 2015 — the cost of the defense step over the mark of three trillion rubles a year. So Makarov, according to calculations the creators of the budget, all of the military spending will increase in relation to gross domestic product, from the current 3 percent to 3.7%. At first glance, increase not very large, but in practice this would entail a tangible improvement in the real part and the social sphere.

Such details of the progress the LG-2020 were known from the chairman of the Duma Committee on Defense B. Komoyedov. The last commander of the Black Sea Fleet, said that the future increase in funding the army marks the transition from the discussions and debates to full-scale implementation of State programs from rearming. Also worth considering the next words of the deputy. Komoyedov said that according to his service he often has to attend defense companies, and in the course of these visits, he saw a very pleasant trend: it often turns out that the customer products through the Ministry of Defense not only does not delay the payment, and even ahead of schedule in funding.

Completely may be that in the future this trend will continue. Believe this development allow certain numbers to finance defense. In the current 2012 for the purpose of the federal budget allocated 1.9 trillion rubles. In the subsequent 2013 appropriations will increase by 200 billion for 2014 is scheduled increase in funding to $ 2.5 trillion and, eventually, in 2015, military budget the country will surpass three trillion. Dynamics' share of growth "of funds allocated for defense looks followed properly. This year, the military received funding of 3% of GDP, in the subsequent receive 3.2% in 2014 — 3.4%, and by the end of the planned new budget period, defense spending will come to the aforementioned level of 3.7%.

If the trend of investment in the defense continues, it can be completely by the end of the period allocated for the LG 2020 military budget would rise to the level of 5.5-6 percent of gross domestic product. In this case, it will be approximately equal fraction of the same index Russian military budget in the late 70's and early 80's. Perhaps this fact will cause a reaction in the form of diversified regular discussions on the resumption of the Cool War. Fuel to the fire can pour a little bit of a comparison of military funding in the GDP of the Russian Federation and the United States. Thus, in recent years, South American defense expenditures are kept at around 3.5-3.7 per cent of GDP. So Makar, the share of defense funding, we will soon be able to catch up with the Yankees. But only on the share — in absolute terms the South American city budget, as well as the military, a couple of times more Russian.

Yet, increased absolute and relative values of defense funding, regardless of the comparison with the economic data of other countries, demonstrated the Russian Federation plans to increase the strength of its armed forces. Because of the economic situation of the past years, especially the last decades of the previous century, the Russian army was not very far the best position. According to various estimates, to support the armed forces in a good state of our country need to waste their more than 3 per cent of GDP per year. To improve the situation, in turn, should increase this figure. So Makar, later this year, our military budget was released to the desired level, and will continue in the forthcoming own growth. It should be noted, a significant excess of rational values of 3% of funding is specific compensation for past years. Since the last 20 years have been unnecessary for the army is very heavy in respect of foreign exchange, recently have make up for all those losses that have accumulated earlier. With all of this at once will have to develop and create new weapons and equipment.

Other areas in the middle of B. Komoedov noted the development of nuclear weapons. Funding for these research and development will grow evenly, with the total investment planned for the coming three years, almost four times more than was allocated in 2012 year. In 2015, the total costs of nuclear technology for military purpose reach $ 38 billion. Noticeable that the costs of nuclear weapons will grow disproportionately around the financing of the army. In light of the reports of renewed nedavneshnih non-nuclear explosive tests newest Earth it suggests the idea of the future cardinal upgrading nuclear forces. In addition, next to the old days there were announcements about the project promising intercontinental ballistic missiles languid class. Completely may be that in the current plans for the development of nuclear weapons and there is a point about the development of entirely new warheads for missiles the coming future.

And yet the positive news, "arch" nasty. So, in response to recent proposals to reduce funding Army, including passed the draft budget, next year will increment the number of contract soldiers, down from 50 thousand, as previously planned, but only 30. In the upcoming planned all the same to enter the planned level of growth of contract jobs, but there is a reason for the vibrations of luck in this endeavor. Another negative news in a certain way related to the style of the armed forces created by media owned by defense department. It became clear that in the military budget for the next year is not provided funding for the TV channel "Star" and other media under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Defence. This step is forthcoming development of measures taken to reduce costs by saving on non-core assets. In the field of media, such savings do not look particularly large (for the year 2012 for the purpose it was foreseen and a half billion rubles), but in practice even these amounts may be useful in other areas of defense.

Summarizing, we can say the subsequent: funding Army during re-state program is gaining momentum. With all of this to "optimize" costs have to revise the budgets of different levels. So, to improve the financial condition of the armed forces in the coming years, the value of the military budget of the country, expressed as a proportion of GDP will increase by about a quarter, and the absolute size of appropriations — almost a third part. Go with this value in the development of various areas of military force economists have at the moment to plan redirect currency flows, and making plans to reduce those or other expenses. In principle, it is not astonishing. From the outset it was clear that the LG 2020 is not normal, and last year's controversy surrounding it, including the role of the top-level officials, only to once again have proved that. We will impose financial sit
uation in the country will allow not only to fulfill all of today's plans, and turn away from the decisions about saving on or in any other direction.

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