The U.S. Army is conducting exercises in case of operations in Syria

U.S. military units involved in the maneuvers for a possible intervention in the Syrian conflict, passed on Monday, inter-Arab television channel Al Jazeera.

Telegrafistreports that the United States will not impose its troops to Syria. In this connection, these exercises are aimed only moral support to insurgents in Syria and the countries of the Gulf monarchies. In the case where military intervention in Syria would still be made, it will force Turkey, France, Britain, Saudi Arabia, and everybody, but not the U.S.. Limited to a maximum cover of U.S. air and sea space.


"In the last weeks fulfills a number of U.S. units fighting in the case of use of chemical weapons. One of the main elements in the military who are paying attention, are chemical munitions, which, in their opinion, are located in different regions of Syria ", — Says TV reporter James Bays.

According to him, the soldiers of the armies of NATO member countries will invade Syria if President Barack Obama will give appropriate instructions to ensure the safety of chemical weapons.

Meanwhile, the U.S. leader said earlier that he would not give the order to invade Syria. Nevertheless television reporter notes that the U.S. military is preparing contingency plans for participation in the fighting in Syria.

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