The U.S. State Department wants to throw in a meaningful Iraq troops

The U.S. State Department wants to leave Iraq in a significant military contingent

The Obama administration hopes that soon all the same will to conclude an agreement with Iraq to allow throw there is a significant number of U.S. military personnel. This was announced on Mon reporters, Pentagon chief Leon Panetta.

According to him, "talks with Iraqi minions last. "They are heavily involved salting the U.S. Iraq James Jeffrey and the commander of the South American contingent, General Lloyd Austin, Panetta continued. "We have not installed the latest period, after which the United States does not agree to suspend the withdrawal of troops from their own country, — said the head of the Pentagon. — At the current time I am not discouraged by the lack of progress in negotiations with the Iraqis, because we are still discussing these issues," .

Washington tries to persuade the government of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to amend the agreement on the withdrawal of troops reached in November 2008. South American combat troops left Iraq back in the past year. At the moment there are about 39 thousand soldiers. After December 31, in Baghdad should stay about 160 fighter. According to the views of Pentagon, this will not be enough to effectively counter the extremists.

How to report to the Administration, on the instructions of white houses prepared several plans involving upcoming stay Iraq 3 thousand to 10 thousand troops. Their exact number to be determined after receipt of the request from al-Maliki, if any dare to such a move that could, analysts say, to provoke his country's outbreak of violence.

Press Secretary Pentagon George Little said on Mon that the talks with Baghdad are focused on the United States that want to throw in Iraq, as many military instructors for the upcoming training of Iraqi fighter assist in the procurement of military equipment, intelligence and logistical networking service. "We also like the earlier very concerned about Iran's interference in the sample cases not only Iraq, and other countries in the region" — conveys his words, "ITAR-TASS".

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