The U.S. State Department will support the peaceful protests of people of the Russian Federation

The U.S. State Department will support the peaceful protests of citizens of RussiaAfter the regular protests held in Moscow, comments were received from the U.S. authorities on this matter. According to them, they will provide support for peaceful demonstrations around the world, will be no exception and our homeland.

RIA "News" published a statement made by Mark Toner, acting deputy representative of the U.S. State Department. According to him, a few hundred people were detained, to this day remains in custody Alexei Navalny, known in their own circles blogger. U.S. has always motivate the question of the appropriate appeal to those who during the peaceful protest, realizing the legitimate right of people to protest, harassed and arrested. He also drew attention to the fact that they have always supported the peaceful expression of the will of people in the world and provide them with support coming in, including in Russia.

Recall that most mass opposition rally was held on December 6, Tuesday, at Triumph Square. Then, to express their dissatisfaction with the election results in the Municipal Duma of the sixth convocation were about 5 thousand man. According to various estimates, from 300 to 600 man, in the set which employees of public organizations and the media, were arrested, some of them to this day are under arrest.

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