The UN Committee begins consideration of residents' complaints

Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights has registered an application Brest pensioner Paul Kozlov.

This is "Radio Liberty" said Raman Kislyak, defender Kozlov.

Mr. Kislyak notes that in 2005, Pavel Kozlov in the letters criticized the representatives of the insurance company from Brest for irresponsible, irrational waste of resources when considering insurance claims after accidents:

"Pavel Kozlov sent a letter to the Minister of Finance, in which he described his comments about the incompetence of the company's employees. Nevertheless brought to justice not insurers, but most activist for alleged defamation. He was fined. The activist has passed all stages of the Belarusian judicial system and 2008 submitted a complaint to the Committee on Human Rights United Nations. "

According to human rights, in the next few months, the UN Committee will send the authorities a statement of Paul Kozlov to obtain an official comment on the the case.


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