The village of whisperers



At the edge of the north-eastern Poland, a group of elderly living adherents of Orthodoxy, which is said to have special powers.

Using the plots they can heal the sick, cast out evil spirits, and even stop the heart … to the enemy. Living on the mystical intersection of Christian faith and people's prejudices, they consider themselves members of the church, although the church does not recognize them. They are called "whisperers".

Photographer from Warsaw Cuba Kaminsky heard about the "whisperers" and earlier in the stories that are more like an ordinary legend. Yet their lives seemed so mysterious that just require research. "I like to shoot invisible — says 28-year-old Kaminsky. — Why and wanted to go there, to touch things that are not clear to people with their own hands. "


Cuba is not familiar with the language and the region of Podlasie, which is adjacent to Belarus, Ukraine and the Kaliningrad region. So he turned to the expedition of his friend, a young anthropologist Thomas Sulim.

Tomas speaks a dialect of whisperers — incomprehensible mix of Belarusian and Polish. He has served as a guide during a two week trip to these people, who are very wary of strangers. The camera is only strengthened suspicions, and took a lot of time to convince them to the shooting.
Mist themselves do not call. And not necessarily recognize themselves as Poles. Nationality does not bother them, when you ask who they are, the usual answer: "We are Locals."


Yet they are of the Orthodox faith, and saying that God told them to hold supernatural rituals. But this, in turn, does not allow the church to fully accept them into the fold.

Not the least of the reasons for this is that some of the conspiracy aimed at causing harm or death. But whisperers claim that their force is yet to be healed.

"Whisper to those who come here, is more important than a doctor who treats cancer" — and says the photographer.

Together with Tomasz Kaminski Sulima Cuba is going to continue the expedition, now in Belarus, according to a blog "Lens" on site "New York Times".

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