To our land should be a huge spaceship Mind

November 1, 2011 22:21

Not long ago, there were reports Іnternet SETІ project specialists, who is in search Sun

Not long ago, there were reports Іnternet project specialists SETІ, who is looking for BC — extraterrestrial civilizations. With the antenna set up for the collection and processing of various signals and use their armed forces USA were to pinpoint a few fairly large objects rapidly approaching the Earth. We should also add that the arrival of objects — a ship Mind expected around December 15 2012.

Excerpts from these messages:

"Antenna international project SETІ, objective of which is the search data of alleged extraterrestrial intelligence, a series of huge spotted by earthly standards of objects that are moving rapidly toward the Earth.

Project experts were of the view of the artificial origin of cosmic objects very clearly: "These objects are known to NASA for some time, and they are real. But NASA not willing to devote up to date public. But these alien ships moving towards the Earth, and governments know it. "

It is assumed that in the present moment "alien ships" flying outside the orbit of Pluto. Their dimensions are very worthy: about 24O miles long and 5O — 8o — wide. What is it? Someone space arks that roam in space for centuries (think of the movie "9th district"), Or hurrying to the rescue friends, who wanted to save at least part of the estimated human again Apocalypse (remember the date 2012)? But perhaps a race of evil aliens that are conceived to conquer our blue planet? But what's interesting: the objects really going vnezemnymy ships of extraterrestrial intelligence, but interesting, and the fact that they can be just as easily taken for unusual astrophysical phenomena.

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