Tolerance and the psychology of the slave

In the New Testament, the Gospel of Luke, Chapter 6. 27 — 30 poems read the words of Jesus: "… Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, bless those who curse you, pray for those who mistreat you. Strikes you on one cheek, and another, and him that taketh away thy cloak forbid not to take thy coat. Everyone who asks of you, come, and from him that taketh away thy goods ask them not back. "Everything said or written metaphorically, can be understood by people is ambiguous. Some people will understand only what is literally said or written, others will search for the meaning of allegory, and everyone can find something of themselves in it. For example, the meaning of what can be considered from the point of self-sacrifice, in which a man defeated enemy, did not resist, but it serves him and tried hard to please him. He even thanked him for what he has enslaved him and is ready to give him all that he has, without demanding anything in return. Can also be considered that way, that any aggression or annexation — is good, and the one for which it is done should be immensely grateful for that. From this point of view, violence and lies is not a sin, because they generate a positive state to those to whom they are directed violence and lies. Is not it a good idea? There is a Russian proverb: "What goes around, comes around." But here it's not that — you sow evil, reap good. And there are people who see the word of Christ with esoteric items, suggesting that Jesus was referring to the internal relationship of man, walking the spiritual path, to the reality of this world. For example, to people watching their emotional reactions and selfish when someone does him wrong. And at the same time praying for the health and welfare of the offender. For example, the oligarchs robbed people of Russia, while we do not judge them, because "Judge not, that ye be not judged," and want God to judge them, so we say — God will judge them, probably because they have the power of God more than us. He certainly will be judged to the fullest, not what we do. Do not look if we, the people, and the bigots? But, do we really want to pray for the health and welfare of our enemies? This is what we want them to successfully continue their dirty work, they struck us on the right and left cheeks, relieve us of the upper and then the lower clothes were taken from us, what they liked, knowing that we did not back require? On the contrary, we will pray for them all good at it. We shall be turned at the same time in the slush, which Sri Aurobindo, when he said that it is better to be a stumbling block in the way of God than slush beneath his feet. And how then to understand when in the past blessed by the Orthodox army to do battle with the enemy? Perhaps it would be more correct if the troops knelt down before the enemy, and prayed that God gave him to the well-being of its unit case?

And besides, we know that everything is God, and when there are two armies, two ideologies, two states in an effort to assert his authority over the other, an example could be that today make Americans and NATO in Libya, it is likely that God is present as one or the other? What good are the words of Christ, which we discussed earlier in this article, in this situation?

Behind them, almost all the events taking place in the modern world, the driving force is a lie. And what we should pray for the health of those who lie on building their illusory well-being? Not whether we will look similar to the accomplices of these events? In general, "where throw all the wedge".

The level of Christian piety, which is like a modern Orthodoxy and Catholicism and other Christian religions that preach tolerance reckless, which promotes flowering Satanism. In turn, the ideas of Satanism flourishing lies, violence, injustice and every form of individualism, with its all kinds of perversions. Then the question arises involuntarily, who created all these religions? I am referring to Judaism, Christianity and Islam. And for what purpose were they created? The most attractive is Islam, at least, when you read the Qur'an. But what do the people who practice Islam to other nations? Man walking by, who was pointed out to him by Muhammad, may not do so, then why are they doing this? The same question can be asked persons professing the Christian religion. People that follow the course indicated by Jesus Christ, are in fact in the opposite direction. The only consistent religion is Judaism. They do so, as it is written in the Torah and the Talmud. And to those who practice Judaism was more clear how they should behave to other people, there are a lot of examples. Here is just one example. Joseph was sold into slavery by his brothers in Egypt, where the will of fate, he became the second man after Pharaoh. During the seven years he has harvested enough grain reserves, and when came the following seven lean years, he began to sell grain to the people of Egypt, for their first silver, then the cattle, and then bought them and their lands, making them slaves to Pharaoh. But the grain, which was collected in the storage of Pharaoh, in the end, made by people to whom he sold it for money, cattle, and then for their land and their own freedom and make them slaves. From a position of advantage — everything was done correctly, but in terms of humanity — so can enter only those people who do not have a soul, and therefore, for them alien compassion. So, instead, to support people in difficult times, it takes all, even freedom.

It would seem that we are far removed from the idea of tolerance, but it just seems that way. The reality is different. Tolerance — is tolerance. Why is the word — tolerance entered in the Russian language, when it is the exact translation of the meaning of the word from Latin into Russian, it is tolerant — "patiently transporting." What should we tolerate? When solder our people alcohol, which in modern Russia accounts for 18 liters per capita per year in terms of pure alcohol. This and the newly born and the one living out their last days on earth. And to the people began to deteriorate quite and 8 liters per capita. Or should we be tolerant of those who kill our youth drug? Maybe for those who kill them in the streets of our cities and even villages, using guns, knives and iron bars, who burn their homes sparing neither children nor old people? Who do we have to be tolerant, can be to those who have deprived us of the past and the loss of future, destroying our present, whose efforts led to the fact that Russia is dying out? Maybe to those seized in Russia all levels of government and as a cancer destroy it. Not hard to understand why we term graft tolerance, and it is not a Russian translation — transporting the patient. Too obvious sense of the word, if we say it in Russian.


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