Tolochinsky authorities — against players of the campaign Our House

After football competitions, which were attended by the local team of the civil campaign "Our House", in Tolochinsky City Council began calling the parents of players. Officials said that the young men have to give up dating with the activist campaign Nicholas Petrushenka and not to play with the shape of the company logo.

Nicholas Petrushenka

Nicholas Petrushenka about it appealed to the deputy Sergei Barvyankova Orsha city council, that he made a parliamentary inquiry into the regional department of the KGB:

"Let the KGB confirm or refute what I was accused — that I'm some kind of funding from abroad, and with the money bought a green soccer jerseys with the words" Our House "and also that I am a" sponsor "travel team at various competitions. Well, or not funny: the executive committee of parents cause adult 25-year-old boys and pleaded for their sons: let not found with Petrushenka! . "

If Mr. Petrushenka himself up to the executive committee and asked to explain the basis for conversations with parents, he was told that the main thing — that the children did not wear t-shirts with the logo "Our House", and without them you can play football.



harassment, Talachyn

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