Traders Chervensky protect Anatolia Shumchanka

Minsk Leninsky District Prosecutor's Office issued a warning to the Community Leader of entrepreneurs "Perspective" Anatoly Shumchanka. He was accused of organizing a meeting of traders market "Chervensky." Now they continue to defend their right to work, and begin collecting signatures in support of Shumchanka. Our correspondent visited Chervensky market and talked to traders.

The owners of the Minsk market "Chervensky" in these days trying to decide for themselves two major problems: how to find a way out of the economic crisis and how to preserve their right to work as petty traders. In This year, "Chervensky" carried out of the town center in accordance with the plans of reconstruction, says the head of the Council of Entrepreneurs Market Vasily Voronovskiy:

Vasily Voronovskiy

"The market for our poor — we have basically one trading venue. And go to the malls with rent in 4-7 times higher than here and there, and higher taxes — we can not, we are not rich people. A for many entrepreneurs and their families — this is the only source of income. People will lose their ability to repay the loan, pay for children's education and so on. This means a lot — losing their jobs, especially in the this time, when the state itself with the money can not understand. And we, the particle of this state! . "

Traders' Chervensky "- a 1300 people, the vast majority — women. In addition to protecting their rights, activists are beginning to collect signatures in support of the leader of the NGO "Perspective" Anatoly Shumchanka. He was accused of organizing a meeting of merchants, says entrepreneur "Chervensky":

"But in these meetings were representatives of the district administration and the city. Offends us the head of council Mingorispolkom Kalinowski, and if Shumchanka interceded for us, and then there was this vinavachanne to organize meetings, although they themselves and participated in it."

Reporter"What the near future for you and your children? '.

"This is terrible. Thing is that it's not just us being kicked: we have families, parents, children — all 7.8 million people who will be affected. And so treat us like to Minsk city executive committee applies — do not. Therefore, we will to fight and work to ensure that the city has prepared for us a platform where we can safely move.

Warning Minsk Leninsky District Prosecutor Anatoly Shumchanka called petty revenge for the fact that the social organization became the protector of merchants' Chervensky "and the market situation, he commented as follows:

"The market situation is ambiguous: in the early part of the people was seen off at" Zhdanovichi "without warranty of any kind, on the part of the" Dynamo ", which is closed. When the" Perspective "has tried to resolve the situation, the authorities began to stir. Ladutko head of Minsk City Executive Committee stated that we will allocate land and, allegedly, one will not leave without a job. After just made it hard to believe the authorities, but we try to do it. Either way, we will defend our right to the end. "

Reconstruction "Chervensky market" This year, launching an Iranian company, will build on the site entertainment and hotel complex. Relocation of traders is uncertain. The city management has offered a piece of land owners in the district Loshitsa them to his own expense built a new market.

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