Trehlebov not the enemy!

Found an interesting video, a young man made a video response to the criticism of some materials A.V.Trehlebova.
This video explains in response to what was the error of not understanding.

 Trehlebov not the enemy!
I think most of them are just provocateurs, they are properly understood, but it is their job. So not much strain, explaining to others how they are wrong, or that your point of view is more correct. This is not right, and never impose their point of view.
Trehlebov says not to "nakarmovat" should do so, "If you have medicine, put it in a prominent place." That hide the medicine is a sin, and to impose the remedy sin. So I wish you to live and act wisely.


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Respect the work of many years of writer-slavyanista Vedamana Vedagora A.V.Trehlebova and yourself too!

Respect Wanderers, emissaries of the One God (sort of), hear the Word of Wisdom and them.

Read aging and protect Mladost, learn wisdom, that you left your ancestors.

With other types live in harmony, help when asking for your help.

Do not force people to the holy faith by force, and remember that the choice of faith a private matter of a free man.

Protect your mighty hand, temple and sanctuary, help in every way, you're all wanderers and templars that keep the secret of the ancients, the word of God, the Word of the wise.

Do not testify falsely against your neighbor, saved from the mouth of your blasphemy.

Be creative to do good, but for the glory of Heaven, Rod, and your great ancestors and your holy land.

Bestow a tenth of your income to the One God, and one-hundredth of the leader and his retinue, that they guard your own land.

Help in every way to build temple and sanctuary, save the wisdom of God, the wisdom of ancient …

Does not convince you, the people who do not want to listen to you and listen to your words …

Saving your temple and sanctuary from desecration Gentiles, if not you will save the Holy Shrines of Race and Faith … Your Ancestors, will visit you during grief, but insults the suffering …

Pass the wisdom of artistic creation that kept throughout your generations, your descendants. Let Wisdom And this goes from father to son and from grandparents to grandchildren.

Do not heed the voice of the people, they say koi that lost the Supreme Truth and the Wisdom of the Gods of Light. Inasmuch as they do not know what proclaim, for it is impossible to lose it, which is associated with the souls and the hearts of yours.

If everyone rushes to the goal in life, fulfilling its mission, in accordance with time of life, life will find its supreme spiritual meaning.

Do not waste time in vain, and fill your life of holiness, so good deeds, but for the glory of the gods and the ancestors of yours.

Take possession of all the arts and ancient wisdom that store your Childbirth initially, and learn of ancient art and wisdom of other nations, but not to all teach other people.

Do not let people, the eternal fear of the unknown in your heart, and the stupidity and ignorance — in thoughts and your words.

Vedas are learned through the living Word, for it is only the living Word reveals meaning hidden in the Vedas.

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