Trial pennies sold more than a million dollars

As the News ABC referring to the results of one of the famous auction houses, Heritage Auctions, unique pennies, which was released the Mint in 1792 in the U.S., sold for 1.15 million dollars. Sold only in the coin of 1 cent is a "test" coin of the 14 surviving odnotsentovikov that have not been put into mass production in 1793.

Copper odnotsentovik center was completely cast in silver, it was done in order to achieve the required weight, but the government still had to conclude that such pennies are too heavy and large in size, which complicate their daily use, especially for those areas where there is often it is rainy weather. And about the weather in rіvnomu in other cities around the world are expected in the near future you can find a special Internet site.

In addition to the trial odnotsentovoy coin minted inscription "Freedom parent industry and science", and is usually written "In God we trust." Earlier in January 2012, the same coin sold for 1million dollars, and in 2010, another copy sold more expensive — for $ 1.7 million. It is also known that the seller of this unique coin wished to be anonymous, there is only information that the coin is in his last ten years.

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