Tuva authorities lifted emergency regime imposed in connection with fires

Tuva authorities lifted emergency mode, which was introduced throughout the country nearly six weeks ago in connection with a complex forest fire situation, said on Thursday the Republican MOE.

Treatment of emergencies in the region have introduced June 6 after the tragic accident that occurred while extinguishing a forest fire. It was built on an area of 500 hectares in the same day in the Barun-Khemchik forest in Bai-Taiga district of the republic. In the liquidation group participated paratroopers Tuvan airbase in the amount of 14 persons, eight paratroopers died. Six survived, one of them was hospitalized in serious condition.

According to the MOE, in Tuva active fires registered.

"The territorial emergency management subsystem operates in the" Daily activities "by order of the Government of the Republic of Tyva № 411 of July 18," — said in a statement.

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