Two players killed by lightning during a match

Two players killed by lightning during a matchTragedy turned football match in Cameroon. Two football players were killed during a meeting of a lightning strike.

The incident occurred on September 12 in the city of Douala. Soccer Academy club "Nuss" met with one of the local teams. Shortly before the end of the meeting began a violent thunderstorm. In the field of the stadium has been hit several lightning, reported online edition of

Two football players, "Nuss" died. That match was the last for the 17-year-old defender Buba Ahmad and 20-year-old midfielder Erman Kepchu. As told club president Jean-Rene Nubissi when players were brought to the hospital, they were already dead.

Hit by lightning and all other players who were on the field, and the referee. How they got serious injuries is unknown. In football academy "Nuss" canceled all training.

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