U.S. Department of State report: Iran and our homeland continue to supply arms to Syria

The U.S. State Department reports: Iran and Russia continue to supply weapons to SyriaRIA "Novosti" passed February 15, Iran and our homeland continue to supply weapons to Syria. This was stated by Deputy Municipal Secretary for International Security and Nonproliferation Thomas Kantrimen.

On Wednesday afternoon, said Kantrimen reporters that Iran is rearming Syria and supplies through Syria armament group "Hezbollah". He also expressed his belief that the supply of Russian arms Syria not correspond to Russian or Syrian interests.

Dubbed the U.S. State Department spokesman declined to say more details on the supply of Russian arms to Syria, but an affirmative answer to the question of whether weapons supplied Syria of the Russian Federation and Iran, to be used against the opposition and the civilian population.

South American diplomat also noted that the weapons created for "Hezbollah", used by militants groups in Lebanon.

"The U.S. Government, in cooperation with its allies, is trying to maintain control of the arsenals of biological, chemical and ordinary weapons on the ground Syria in order to implement it from falling into the wrong hands after the fall of the Assad regime, "- said Kantrimen did not specify, but exactly how the South American authorities are trying to" maintain control. "

According to the diplomat, in Syria at the moment there are 10's of thousands of portable air defense systems, and no one is clear about their precise whereabouts. Kantrimen also noted that, unlike Libya, Syria is not involved in the Convention on Chemical Weapons and does not publish data on the local storage of these weapons.

He said that at the moment are being made to find such a sample repository. And the Yankees have an idea as to their number and whereabouts.

In fact, once a day from Syria there are reports of deaths: how uniformed services personnel and civilians. According to the United Nations, the total number of casualties since the beginning of protests in Syria over 5 thousand people. The Syrian government says that the clashes with the armed opposition have killed more than 2-thousand Syrian armed forces and the law enforcement agencies that are opposed by armed militants.

The United States and Western countries demand that Bashar Assad's immediate transfer of power to the opposition.

Deputy Defense Minister Antonov said on February first, that the Russian Federation will continue supply instrument in Syria, with all this keeping as international norms and bilateral Russian-Syrian commitment. Some of the western states in favor of an arms embargo against Syria. But before Russia's permanent representative to the UN Churkin said that Moscow will not support it.

Syria — the largest importer of Russian weapons in the region. Larger already signed contracts: delivery 20 MiG-29M/M2 four and eight battalions of air defense systems "Buk M2E". Currently in progress is a contract for the supply to Syria coastal missile systems "Bastion" supersonic anti-ship cruise missile "Yakhont".

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