UFOlogists have proved that a meteorite hit the UFO over Chelyabinsk

February 22, 2013 19:08

A little-known record of a meteorite near Chelyabinsk proves that the celestial body exploded and disintegrated in the sky is not by chance, but because of an unidentified flying object, certain well-known expert on UFOs and paranormal phenomena Gennady Belimov.

For his version of the expert shared with the correspondent "AIF-Volgograd."

In the video, ufologist presented as evidence of this fantastic version, "clearly shows that the" alien Chelyabinsk "initially reacted in the sky a UFO.

And it was after this interaction, the glowing object begins to explode and crumble into small pieces. "

"I think we, the people of Russia in particular and the Earth as a whole, once again, very lucky," — says Belimov.

Video that "proves" the interference of alien forces, was sent Belimovu credible source — living in the suburbs of military-aerospace engineer, retired.

"Some extraterrestrials have once again saved mankind from the more unfortunate consequences than those that we have," — concluded the head of the Volga group to study anomalous phenomena.

Earlier, the leader of the Liberal Democratic Party Vladimir Zhirinovsky on his blog also suggested that what happened in the Chelyabinsk region — not a natural phenomenon.

"There may be a link to human activity" — wrote a famous politician. In his view the meteorite could be a new superweapon U.S. students to control the elements to be used in combat.

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