UFOs. Results of the year

January 17, 2013 4:34

According to ufologists, for the last year of UFO activity has increased. Many people witnessed the appearance of the object discoid shape, which make stops, freezes, or simply beaming glow. For example, Brazil and Namibia from the skies metal balls.

The fact that this alien gifts, researchers of anomalous phenomena no doubt. But scientists do not believe in this "hello" from space, although they do not deny that the universe may be other civilizations. In 2012, space satellites have found more than 100 candidates for planets that are similar in size to Earth. Moreover, some of these planets really are "habitable zone" — their temperature ranges from about -50 to 30 degrees Celsius. This means that on the surface may be water — the basic element of life on earth.
But we should not deceive ourselves. The meeting with the aliens will not happen soon. The nearest planet that is most similar to the Earth, is located near the star Tau Ceti away from the solar system.

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