Uganda flooded

Uganda floodedIn Uganda, the continuous torrential rains caused widespread flooding that has already led to the flooding of many villages. In total, about 3 thousand Ugandan families were forced to leave their homes. This writes the local newspaper "New Vision."

The increase in water level in the rural areas has led to the destruction of most of the inhabitants of Uganda thatched houses. Moreover, the disaster threatens to develop into a national epidemiological catastrophe because of the growing sanitation in many villages. Most agricultural gardens also flooded and some roads unpaved blurred.

Many people turn to government agencies for help with food and temporary housing. Population in the affected areas in dire need of food and other essential goods, tents, medical care, clean drinking water. The real problem for the inhabitants of the lowlands, who lost their homes, have become a mosquito.

"Flooding zatronuo all villages in low-lying districts of Uganda. Approximately three thousand families displaced from the affected homes, inflicted serious damage sewer system in rural areas, thousands of fruit trees in the gardens under water "- said one of the officials of the local administration.

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