UN prepares to meet with the alien civilization. Expected visitors from the planet Gliese

October 12, 2011 22:29

Last year was a unique (though little noticed) event in the life of mankind: the first time in Istria our civilization has created the official representative for relations with the aliens. It was headed by 58-year-old scientist, astrophysicist Mazlan Othman, Malaysia. Since 2011 the office has received funding and fully operational at the beginning of the United Nations. It is true, than it is engaged in every day, hard to imagine. Mazlan Othman as she described their tasks: "The continued search for extraterrestrial communication with residents give up hope that one day mankind will accept signals from aliens. When this happens, we need to give a coordinated response that will take into account all aspects of the question. "

Her colleague Stephen Hawking believes that day is not perfect, but quite the opposite: "Contact with extraterrestrial civilizations may be too dangerous. If we arrive to the aliens, the result will be similar to the landing of Columbus in the Americas. Local residents did not bring anything good. "

However, judging by some published in the U.S. documents, a secret relationship with the aliens have long been established. For example, American social activist Bill Cooper, in his report «The Secret Government» (secret government) on 23.05.1989, the following claims: "The representatives of extraterrestrial contact with us since the days of President Eisenhower. They offered to help us in our spiritual development. The main requirement on their part was the dismantling and destruction of the world of nuclear weapons. We need to stop mutually destroy each other, pollute the planet, ruthlessly exploit the natural resources of the earth. We must live in harmony with nature. Americans are afraid to be disarmed before the aliens decided that disarmament would not serve U.S. interests. However specific agreement was reached. It provided the following arrangements.

• Aliens do not interfere in the internal affairs of the United States and vice versa.

• U.S. remains a secret presence of aliens.

• Aliens U.S. supply advanced technologies and help in technological development.

• They do not enter into any agreements with other nations of the earth.

• They have the right from time to time and in limited quantities take back people to medical research and monitoring of their development, but on the condition that all of these people will remain unharmed, will be returned to the place of capture, no remembrance of what happened to them. In terms also included the aliens will regularly provide the government lists of all stolen and a list of all human contact.

• Each party shall provide the other side of the respective Ambassador for the term of the agreement.

• The United States and this alien nation will exchange for 16 persons on each side for mutual learning. While guests are alien on Earth, a group of people to go home aliens.

• The aliens will be built underground bases, two of which will be designed to share the aliens and the U.S. government.

It was found necessary to establish an international special private group to oversee and coordinate the privacy and prevent information leaks to the press of the dedicated government circles of various countries. Thus creating a secret organization known as the "Bilderberg".

The first meeting of the group took place in 1954 at the "Bilderberg" in Osterbeke, Holland, and since then they have every year alternately in the different countries. The three-day conference, which is attended by over 100 leading representatives of the higher circles of financial and international organizations, industry, politics, labor, military, scientists and journalists from Europe and North America.

Bilderberg headquarters is in Geneva. They turned into a secret world government, under the direction and control of which is everything on Earth. "

Cooper argues that a world government with the aliens has developed and is implementing a program to discredit all of the information about UFOs and other activities of extraterrestrial intelligence in our world. Those who oppose it are destroyed.

The famous American writer Sidney Sheldon had spetsrassledovanie and published a comprehensive list of specialists, to deal with UFOs and stellar arms, who died under mysterious circumstances (the so-called "list of Sheldon")

Russian scientist Dmitry Azarov spoke about it this way:

For some reason, the view prevails that if us and the aliens arrive, only to the world. But our own history teaches quite differently. Remember, as the Spaniards landed once on the American continent. They were also convinced that the bear wild Mayan civilization, spreading it with fire and sword. And, mind you, did not prevent the invaders that they were only a handful against a whole people … Another soothing myth — our missiles can protect from any space invasion. Somehow, even intelligent people are his scenario developed even HG Wells — balls / UFO / falling from space to the moorland, a monster on the tripod, the armed thermal rays … primitive! If anyone decides to conquer Earth, and then to act discreetly and cautiously. I can offer as a joke hypothesis that aliens have already started to conquer us.

Consider the following facts: A few decades ago, scientists Stormer and Van der Pol found mysterious echoes of signals sent to the sky, as if a body is reflected to Earth with different Periodicity. And an expert on extraterrestrial Bracewell suggested that it was "the work of" an alien probe, secretly orbiting our planet. Subsequent studies failed to confirm or refute this idea. But what if it's true? Let's potential next steps newcomers who decided to conquer the Earth. With the mother ship to the "little plates" secretly landed troops, equips several secret bases … Under the guise of human aliens introduced in earthly organization in key positions to gradually implicitly guide our civilization in the way you need them. At the same time, to err on the safe side, they should make a categorical ban on the publication of any information on unidentified flying objects.

The facts that do seep into print, should be subjected to official ridicule. The Academy of Sciences would be nice to create a group, which would explain UFO and other "miracles" associated with the activities of aliens, purely earthly reasons. Still need to prevent the development of programs such as "Star Wars," so that people could not use space weapons against external aggression. But scientists involved in this subject (vspomnimte list Sheldon), better to fix … and now look what happens. More recently, research on the problem UFO enthusiasts severely persecuted — they are ridiculed, fired from work … Today, apparently, everything changed. But is it? Of course, there was a flurry of press articles about unidentified flying objects. But … Most people (as if hypnotized) does not believe in UFOs, seeing stories about them as a kind of "journalistic fiction." Meanwhile, in the world of strange things are happening. Humanity is changing before our eyes as a species. More and more so-called "contactee" hearing "otherworldly voices" had an extraordinary psychic abilities. Scientists attribute this to the change in the magnetic field of the Earth, which is considerably decreased. Academician Treasurers confirmed this effect in hypomagnetic cameras. In humans, isolated from these cells from the external field, manifested telepathic and other unusual abilities. But who can guarantee that the planet's magnetic field varies in a natural way? I have, at times, there are serious doubts about this. There are too many unexplained events happening lately. Why, for example, there is a "zone of madness", covering the Earth deadly ring? Judge for yourself — Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Iraq, then Yugoslavia, Moldova, Georgia, Nagorno-Karabakh, Armenia, Tajikistan, Chechnya … Even in prosperous America, violence erupted in Los Angeles, located in the same latitude belt. You may say that all these wars and conflicts — political phenomenon. Why, then, they are accompanied by earthquakes, other unusual natural phenomena? Why are "hot spots" clearly fits into the ring, as if a probe circling the planet in its orbit, sowing under a feud, aggression, natural disasters? .. Why is our military to the teeth together against any current and existing danger, often mysterious magnanimity of likely alien aggression? Why today there is no government, no public mechanisms to respond to reports of a possible escalation of the Earth of alien invaders?

I can not judge the objectivity and scientific opinions Cooper Azarov. Perhaps, in their anxiety and has a point. But as for the department for relations with aliens, established in the UN, it came after the discovery of a number of star systems similar to our sunshine. Detected even planets resembling our own.

For example, according to some scientists, the newly discovered planet Gliese 581g, the conditions on which admit of the origin of life, it may be habitable. As the publication of Fox News, the Australian astronomer Ragbir Bhatal claims to have observed in the Gliese 581g extremely suspicious outbreaks. According Bhatala, flash, similar to the laser, he said back in 2008, roughly two years before the discovery of Gliese 581g. According to the Australian expert, outbreaks have been seen during his observations, which he regularly engaged in the international project SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence), which aims the search for extraterrestrial intelligence.

Recall the discovery Gliese 581g was announced on 29 September 2010. The discovery team are Steven Vogt of the University of California and Paul Butler of the Carnegie Institution of Washington. Gliese 581g is the sixth planet orbiting a red dwarf star Gliese 581, located on the Earth at a distance of 20.5 light years. Its radius is greater than the Earth is about 1.2-1.5 times, and weight — about 3.1-4.3 times. Thus the acceleration of gravity at the surface of Gliese 581g is about 1.1-1.7 times higher than on Earth. According to the assumptions Vogt and Butler, the air temperature at the newfound planet should range from -34 ° C to +71 ° C, making it quite possible presence on the surface of liquid water necessary for life.


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