UN troops will create environmental

The UN Security Council will be a special meeting to discuss the issue of global warming and the associated potential conflicts.

According to the British newspaper «The Guardian», recently often been talk of creating a special "environmental forces»UN, which would operate in areas where there are conflicts due to lack of resources or climate change.

"It is too early to talk seriously about the fact that the UN take such a serious step — said German Ambassador to the UN, Peter Wittig. — However, the fact that the Security Council has agreed to put on the agenda a discussion of environmental problems, indicates that the first step in this direction has already been made. "

The Pentagon and many military establishments have long recognized that global warming is a real threat to the world. It could potentially cause a deficiency of food, drinking water, irrigated land and the associated problems of military conflicts. However, China and some other countries do not give the threat of global warming due value and offer to treat this problem is not at the level of the military departments and the UN Security Council, and to leave its discussion of scientists and experts in the field, said the "Interfax" referring to «The Guardian».

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