UNDP: Belarus 61th out of 169

In accordance with Human Development Index (HDI) of UNDP, Belarus joined the group of countries with high human development.

Together with Belarus, which was a 61 th place out of 169 countries of the former Soviet Union in the group of countries with high human development includes Lithuania (44) Latvia (48) The Russian Federation (65) Kazakhstan (66) Azerbaijan (67) Georgia (74) Armenia (76).

Estonia (34), together with Poland (41) included in the group of countries with very high levels of human development, where the lead Norway (1) Australia (2) and New Zealand (3).

In the last 169-m site was Zimbabwe.

The Human Development Index has been published since 1990, so the current report was the 20th anniversary.

The concept of human development (human development) emerged in opposition to the traditional understanding of how the quantitative growth of material goods and services. The concept focuses not on the ability to productive work (ie the economic value of the individual), and the very human development through greater choice due to increased life expectancy, education and income. Human development is seen as a goal and criterion of social progress, not as a means for economic growth. The developers believe that the advantage of such a concept — a nomination the basic criteria of social development (longevity, education, income), suitable for quantitative comparisons.

The Human Development Index is composed of three equally important components:

  • income as measured by GDP at purchasing power parity (PPP) in U.S. dollars;
  • education, literacy rates determined (with a weight of 2/3 of the index) and the percentage of students among children and young people aged 7 to 24 years (with a weight of 1/3);
  • Longevity determined by the projected life expectancy at birth (life expectancy).

For each of the partial indices of a fixed minimum and maximum values:

  • the duration of the projected life expectancy at birth — 25 and 85 years;
  • adult literacy rate — 0% and 100%;
  • total enrollment among children and young people — 0% and 100%;
  • Real GDP per capita (PPP) — 100 and 40 thousand dollars.

The final index of human development syarednearyfmetychnaya is calculated as the sum of three components: an index of longevity, education index (consisting of literacy index with a weight of 2/3 and the index of enrollment with a weight of 1/3) and the income index.

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