Unemployed in Russia for the first time in a decade was less than a million

The number of unemployed citizens of the Russian Federation, registered in the public employment services, amounted to 1 November 2012. 986.7 thousand people. This is stated in the message of the Federal Service for Labour and Employment Federation (Rostrud). This is 3.4% lower than October 1, 2012. (1 million 021.5 thousand people).


Earlier million below the number of unemployed fell in 2001.

For October 2012. the number of registered unemployed persons decreased in 70 regions of Russia. The greatest decrease in the number of registered unemployed was in the Republic of Kalmykia (15.5%), the Ryazan region (13.9%), the Jewish Autonomous Region (13.9%), Kostroma (13.1%) and Voronezh regions (12.8%).

In 13 subjects of the Russian Federation in October 2012. number of unemployed people has increased. The largest increase was registered in the Amur region (by 5.6%) and the Nenets Autonomous District (4.2%) and the Kamchatka region (by 3.7%).

The unemployment rate in the whole of Russia as of 1 November 2012. was 1.3% and in comparison to the same period of October 1, 2012. has not changed.

As of November 1, 2012. compared with October 1 the registered unemployment decreased (by 0.1% — 0.3%) in 44 regions of Russia, remained at the same level, with no change — in 34 regions and has increased (by 0.1-0.2%) in five subjects.

The stated need for workers by employers on 1 November 2012. amounted to 1 million 484,1 thousand units, an increase of 5.5% less than October 1, 2012. The coefficient of tension on the labor market in the Russian Federation on 1 November this year was 0.8, which is 0.1 more than in October 1, 2012. In October, 2012. the state employment service agencies for the provision of government services have turned 772 thousand 439 people, which is 5.5% more than in September 2012.

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