Unemployment in the Krasnoyarsk region decreases more rapidly than in other regions of Russia

The rate of decline in unemployment in the Krasnoyarsk region above the average values of the regions of the Siberian Federal District of the Russian Federation. 

During 2012 the number of unemployed registered with employment of Krasnoyarsk region, declined by 6.1 million people (20.1%), while in the Siberian Federal District, the rate of decline was 15.9%, in Russia — 17 2%.

This year the trend continued. February 1, in the regional employment service registered 24.3 thousand unemployed people, which is 19.6% less than in 2012.

"Reducing the number of unemployed in the first place, we associate with the more active provision of services in the field of employment, — said the head of agency labor and employment Viktor Novikov. — While the number of those applying to the employment service is not reduced, more people were employed, sent to vocational training. "

At the beginning of February, the employment service has information about 26.4 million jobs (in 2012 — 18.6 thousand jobs). During the month were employed 4380 people (669 more than in 2012), to learn new skills and qualification launched 412 people (previous year — 129 people).

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