Unemployment — threatens young people in Europe

According to official statistics Eurostat — Unemployment in the euro area is growing at an alarming rate — 1.2% per month. In January this year, the unemployment rate reached a record 11.9%.

Worse things are in Spain, where the figure reached 26.2% as of January. In February, were out of work for more than five million able-bodied Spanish. According to the employment services of the country have registered nearly 60,000 non-citizens.

  • Unemployment - threatens young people in Europe
  • Unemployment — threatens young people in Europe

It is worth noting that despite the overall unemployment rate — a higher percentage of young people — 24.2%. In Greece and Spain the figure is through the roof — 57.6% and 55.5%, respectively.

Forecasts are disappointing. According to the International Labor Organization, youth unemployment in 2017 in Italy and Greece will be more than 30%, and in Spain more than 50%.

On the other hand, in the light of the old situation a lot more fun. In Austria, according to the month of January without a job are only 4.9% of the economically active citizens. In Germany, the figure was 5.3%. French unemployment rose to 10.6%.

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