Unmanned Aircraft began to control the roads in Krasnoyarsk

Today the sky over the area patrolled by Berezovsky drone. Under his scrutiny of the M-53. The aircraft has hidden in the clouds at a height of half a kilometer — see it from the vehicle impossible.

While the UAV is in the sky, on the ground operators are trying to establish — who is on the M-53 violates the rules of the road. And when a bird's eye this can be done, then stop the offending car inspectors.

For maintenance of the aircraft need only two people. The winged car hovers autonomously — with its land route only corrected. Including using familiar to many computer games joystick.  

Oleg Okulov, Aviation Unit Police Officer: "I'll turn him only a video camera. But in this case, which looks a video camera, and a plane is flying there."

Once the camera detects intruder — passenger car crossed the double solid line — the driver almost immediately stopped the car inspectors. Now, the man faces a fine of up to five thousand rubles, or suspension of driving privileges for six months.

Vadim Korolev, the driver, "I now have shown that I do, but do not believe it. Now the court must".

Drones are part of the aviation unit of the MVD. In order to work more efficiently on the road — they need replacements.

Alexei Koreshnikov, head of the Propaganda Department of the Krasnoyarsk Territory traffic police: "It is a little to correct the existing program, which would be clearly labeled with the offending car. For the purpose of reference to his evidence. This is what the driver."

In the coming weekend in the sky rises an entire squadron of drones. With them, the traffic police will try to make the highway safer.

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