Vandalism in Kurapaty: the offense has not found

On the night of November 5, at the memorial late unknown attackers broke the 38 crosses. In fact the incident the police will check in the next ten days. Leaders of the Conservative Christian Party BPF consider this an act of vandalism neabalshavikov consequence of the pro-Russian and Belarusian citizens to call ids to restore crosses.

Fallen crosses on the edge of the forest Kurapaty CCP BPF activists saw on Saturday, when they came to the next Cleanup says Party Secretary Valery Buffalo:

Valery Buffalo

"Having found a broken crosses on November 6, we believe that the vandalism took place on the night of November 5. Most time in Russia all this evil power celebrate the so-called" Russian Unity ", which was marked by a series of fascist imperialist rallies and marches across the Russia. So here it is the response of the Russian fascism. "

Police patrol arrived on the scene, recorded the fact of vandalism, but whether a criminal case is not yet known, said press officer of the police department of the Minsk region, Alexander Brysnyuk:

At the scene, checking out a group of crime have not found yet and are checking …

"Criminal case has not yet excited. At the scene, checking out a group of crime have not found yet and are checking. Maybe that will examine any witnesses, and conduct other activities. Within ten days — the maximum term — they have to put some kind of a resolution of either business institute, or write failure, or the prosecutor's office to extend the inspection. "

Police officers control the Kurapaty, but how systematically Head of patrol police department of Minsk region Vadim Malasha not reported:

"Or are protected Kurapaty now?"

"Truly to say — I can not answer you this question in the affirmative."

"Or have you ever send back police patrols to patrol?"

"Of course. Almost every weekend there is a patrol. But, you know, I'm still very busy, so thank you and goodbye."

Who could commit another crime in Kurapaty? This question interested passers-by on the streets of Minsk.

Woman: "Probably some extremists. As far as I know, this is now very common in Russia, and perhaps we, too. I think it's very stupid people."

"I do not know. Probably, some nationalists. In Russia believe that they are persons of Caucasian appearance there in the way. And there they lay roads, build houses, and beat them for it."

Acts of vandalism relatively Kurapaty crosses, as well as so-called bench Clinton in the hole made dozens of times. It was only two years ago the forces of social activists were detained two young men, who, however, did not suffer for his action no penalty. In other cases the perpetrators were not found. Here's how it comments Acting chairman of the Conservative Christian Party BPF Yuri Belenky:

Yuri Belenky

"Just look BT to see how the power values November 7 and remembers the tragedy of mass killings that surpass the number who were tortured by the German fascists — then it is clear who is today the country's supreme political power and why it is happening."

Party activists CCP BPF urged concerned people to beat it on the nearest Saturday to restore the crosses were,.


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